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Students Need to Excel at Admission Essay Writing


Admission Essay Writing need not be a Difficult Task if Basics are Understood

Admission essay writing shouldn’t be a difficult task if students seek proper guidance and help. The purpose of the admission essay is to convince the selection committee to accept the student to their university or the college. The writing must be focused to show the student’s suitability to be selected for the course applied for, by highlighting the good character traits, skills and the outlook. Normally, an essay prompt or a topic for the essay is given. Topic must be selected so that student can give a good impression to the committee. Sometimes, students write personal essays also called personal statements.

Selection of a Topic for the Admission Essay

One of the common mistakes done by the students in admission essay writing is embarking on pompous topics that boast about personal achievements and appearing to be self flattering. By choosing an appropriate topic, students can have a chance to tell why he/she wants to follow a certain course or why he/she wants to select a particular profession. They can also tell what alignment they see between their character and skills and the chosen study field or profession. The students can select an admission essay topic that shows the capability and the suitability of the student to follow the course applied for. The selection of the topic plays an important role as it provides clues about the student to the admission committee.

Some Sample Admission Essay Prompts

These essay prompts are commonly encountered by students within college applications and you can prepare for writing the admission essay by practicing on some of them.

1. What makes you different from other students?
2. What do your friends tell about you? What are true and what are not?
3. What is the contribution you intend to make to the humanity?
4. Describe a sacrifice you made for somebody else’s benefit.
5. Have you ever lied? Tell us about an instance and the outcome.
6. What are your views on how travel educates people.
7. Have you read rags to riches stories? What have you gained from reading them?
8. Which of these inventions is the greatest? Fire, Wheel, Steam engine, Internet. Explain.

How to Write a good Admission Essay

The content you include in to an admission essay will create a picture in the minds of the reader of the writer. Therefore, be sincere and honest in writing about you and your achievements. It is true that the good things about you have to be written, but it shouldn’t sound like a boasting. Even if you mention something that is a big event try to show your character rather than your achievement. If you were the captain of the winning team say that the team spirit won the game and of the satisfaction you gained by being able to glue that team together.

Admission Essay is Important

Admission essay writing is something that can change your life. The selection to the college of your choice and getting a good scholarship that could help you to pay the tuition fees also depends on how the selection committee judges you. Try to write the best possible essay by getting any help available. Students can get essay help from an essay writing company to write a winning essay.

Referring to Interview Essay Examples


Interview Essay Examples are Useful for Learning the Style and Format Involved

Interview Essay Examples can serve as guides for learning the style, format and structure of an interview essay. But the success of the essay is equally dependant upon the preparation for the interview and conducting the interview. Interview essay is the end product of the hard process of interviewing. Main purpose of the interview essay is to interview a person and share the gained knowledge with the readers. The aim may be to learn about the person, his/her views, or the achievements of the person.

Success of the Interview Depends on Good Planning

Getting the information from the interviewee is the skill of the interviewer. The interview has to be planned well in advance. The venue time and other preparations are important. Some background research on the person to be interviewed should be done in advance. The interviewer should have a good knowledge of the main topic of the interview and the areas of information to be discussed during the interview. A set of questions designed to extract the required information shall be kept ready. Mailing this list in advance is one way to have the interviewee better prepared with the answers. Reading some essay examples will give ideas to the student in writing the questions. The most convenient is to record the interview and later transcribe it. Bear in mind that a well prepared interview can yield the best results.

Hardest Part is Conducting of the Interview

Conducting of the interview is the hardest part and requires many types of skills. Student shall rehearse the interview in his/her mind if he has no previous experience. This helps the student to gain confidence as well as a pre-planning to the interview. In conducting the interview, student needs to make the interviewee comfortable, provide an overview of the topic and context and then invite him or her to answer the questions. Interviewer should be skilled in guiding the interview if the discussion drifts far from the topic. This has to be done in a subtle and polite way. Remember to ask whether the interviewee can agree for another meeting to finalize the essay if the necessity arises. Also inform that the draft essay copy will be mailed for his or her clarifications and agreement before being published or submitted, which is etiquette in interviewing.

Writing of the Interview essay

It may be very helpful if the student reads Interview Essay Examples before he/she starts writing the essay. Essay writing format for the Interview essay is different from other essays. The introductory paragraph of an interview essay gives some background information on the interviewee and his/her connection to the topic discussed. Name and the identity shall not be used if the interviewee does not give his consent for it. The purpose of the interview also shall be stated. Separate paragraphs can be used to separate different aspects of the interview. If the quotes are used double check with the recording to see that you have used the exact words.

Essay Help for Writing the Interview Essay

There are different ways of getting essay help for writing the interview essay. Studying good Interview Essay Examples is a good learning experience. A good essay writing company can provide good interview essay samples. These companies can help students in designing the questionnaires and advise on the conducting of the interview.

Writing Successful College Essays


Successful College Essays Guarantee the Entrance to College

Successful college Essays are one of the important deciding factors in the selection of a student to a college. When the student applies for the college most of the other factors such as GMAT, SAT and AL scores are already decided. Therefore the college essay my be the last chance the student gets to prove that he/she is a worthy addition to the student body of the college or university he/she is applying for. The student must understand that it is her/his responsibility to throw all the available resources and enlist all every possible help to submit the best possible admission essay.

Purpose of a Successful College Essay

From the student’s viewpoint, Purpose of a Successful college Essays is to gain entrance to the college. But to achieve this student shall know the purpose from the view point of the selection authorities. The selection of suitable students by going through the applications, reading the admission essays and sometimes interviewing the candidates is the duty entrusted to the admission committees. Mainly the faculty members and academic staff from various departments serve in the admission committees. The mindset and the outlook of the admission committees differ from college to college. Studying about the college, its history and traditions may help the student in forming an opinion on their viewpoint.

How Admission Essay Helps the Admission Committee

The college entrance essay is written on a topic given by the college or as an answer to a college essay question. These topics and the questions are designed to extract the information that cannot be obtained from the application or by a simple questionnaire. The selection of the topic by the student itself helps the committee to know about the student’s way of choosing, preferences and likings. Then what he/she writes in the essay gives a good insight to the committee about the student’s characteristic traits, his/her attitudes and the things he/she likes etc. Successful college Essays shall give the information that increases the chances for students’ admission.

College Essay Topics and Essay Questions

Students shall start writing the college essay only after gaining a good knowledge of how to write an essay that can raise their chances of getting selected. They can read and study admission essay examples and shall study about the essay topics that are given for the essays. Here are some essay topics and questions from previous years.

1. What is your favorite quotation and why? (Princeton)
2. Please complete a one-page personal statement and submit it with your application. (James Madison University)
3. Discuss some issue of personal, local, or national concern and its importance to you. (Hood)
4. What qualities or unique characteristics do you possess that would allow you to contribute to the University community? (Florida State)
5. Pick a story of local, national, or international importance from the front page of any newspaper. Identify your source and give the date the article appeared. Then use your sense of humor, sense of outrage, sense of justice—or just plain good sense—to explain why the story engages your attention. (University of Chicago)

Getting Essay Help to Gain Admission

College admission essay plays a very significant role in the admission processes at most of the colleges. Therefore students must strive to submit the best possible essay they can. Getting essay help improves the quality of the essay. You may seek it from a friend or a college. It can also come from a professional writing service.

Taking Part in National Peace Essay Contest


Tips for Writing an Outstanding National Peace Essay

National Peace Essay is written by the participating students for the national peace essay contest. This contest is organized annually by the United States Institute of Peace (USIP). The students can now start writing the essay because the topic for the essay has already been published. High school essay students are eligible for entering their essays to the contest. They can win scholarships to pursue the college education. There are three awards at the national level and 53 awards to the state winners of the individual states.

Essay Topic and the Question for the National Peace Essay Contest

As this contest is one of the most popular essay contests for high school students, more than thousand students participate in this contest annually. The topic and the essay question are made available to the students well in advance so that students can prepare for the contest. This year’s topic is “Governance, Corruption, and Conflict”. The essay question is “For those who hope to prevent violent conflict, how can their efforts to reduce, if not eliminate, corruption best contribute to building sustainable peace using two cases of countries in transition from war to peace?”

How to Write the National Pease Essay

The National Peace Essay has to meet the strict essay requirements. Students need to study these requirements and comply with them to avoid the disqualification of their entries. According to these rules introduction shall contain the thesis statement and show that the student understands the question. Developing the arguments and assertions by research and analysis, is the purpose of the main body of the essay. Sources shall be identified using a widely accepted method such as APA, MLA or Chicago. A reference list also has to be supplied. Essay conclusion requires summarizing the research and analysis used to support the thesis and the recommendations and the conclusions by the student. The length of the essay shall be limited to 1500 words.

Why Should the Students Participate in this Essay Contest?

National Peace Essay contest aims at increasing the awareness among students, teachers, and national leaders about international peace and role of United States in the process of building peace and conflict resolution. As responsible citizens, the students must also be aware of these issues. This prestigious essay contest gives an opportunity to the winning students to participate in a fully paid awards program lasting for five days. Students meet political leaders and government leaders during this program. They also win scholarship awards ranging from 1,000 Dollars to 10,000 Dollars. All these added benefits are in addition to the wide recognition to student receives for his or her writing abilities.

National Peace Essay Coordinators

To take part in the competition, the students have to select a coordinator and the coordinator also has to register with the (USIP). Coordinator can be a teacher, parent or a youth leader. Coordinator’s responsibilities are to guide the participants to write the essays as per the requirements and to certify the eligibility of the student. Students can get essay help from teachers, parents or a professional essay writing company. But the essay has to be written by the student and the coordinator has to certify to this effect.

Features of Winning College Acceptance Essays


Write an Outstanding College Acceptance Essay to get Admission to College of Your Choice

Writing college acceptance essays is a challenge that every student who expects to attend college, has to face. The college acceptance essay, also known as college application essay, college admission essay, college entrance essay and personal essays are very critical for any person’s life. In today’s context somebody who has not got a college degree has to face stiff competition in the job market. An individual without a college education gets marginalized when trying to find a well paid job. This fact itself bears evidence for the importance of college admission and of writing an impressive admission essay.

Topics for the College Acceptance Essays

Style of writing the college acceptance essays and the topics suited for the essays are quite different from the normal academic essays written as assignments in the high school. Students should not confuse the style of an academic essay with a personal essay. If you don’t have a good understanding of this difference, seek essay help and get yourself clarified. The students select the topics as answers to the acceptance essay questions given by the colleges. These questions are on very diverse topics and it is difficult to say what type of essay is best suited to answer the question. The essay questions are designed to extract vital information that cannot be collected by simple questions. Therefore, selection of an admission essay topic should be given careful consideration.

How to Answer Essay Questions

It is worthwhile for any student to read some of the essay questions asked by the colleges. The colleges change their admission essay question every year. Here are some essay questions of some colleges from the previous years.

1. You have just completed your 300-page autobiography. Please submit page 217. (University of Pennsylvania)
2. Imagine you have written a short story, film, or play about your last four years. Briefly describe the one moment or scene that your audience will most remember from this autobiographical piece. What will they learn about you from that moment? (Northwestern)
3. If you could hold a conversation with someone (living or deceased) you consider significant, whom would you talk to and what would you talk about? Describe your conversation. (University of Oregon)
4. Describe your hometown and how you are a product of this environment. (Puget Sound)
5. If you were to protest something, for or against, what would it be and why? (University of Virginia)
6. Anatole France said, “If 50 million people say a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing.” On what subject do you disagree with most people, and why? (Northwestern)

How to Write the Acceptance Essay

There are some important points to remember when writing the college college acceptance essays. Students have to write about their positive attributes to draw attention of the admission committee members. Yet, they should not sound bragging or arrogant. If they are writing a personal narrative essay, it shall be written in first person. The students should also avoid controversial topics as selectors may have their own opinions and this is not the time to risk confronting their opinions. Bear in mind that the student’s main goal should be to write the acceptance essay to convince the committee that he/she is suitable to be admitted to their college.

Can Essay Help be Useful?

As the college acceptance essay is very critical for the life of any person, student should get the essay help to write the best possible essay. He/she can get essay help from a good essay writing company that excels in the task of admission essay writing.

Sample MBA Application Essays


Study some Sample MBA Application Essays Prior to Starting Your Essay

Sample MBA Application Essays are useful for the students applying for graduate business schools, when they are required to write an application essay. The application essay allows the admission committees to get more information and facts about the applicant that cannot be gathered from the application. The application essays have to be written as answers to essay questions asked by the school. These essay questions are designed to extract information that cannot be obtained from an application form. Students have to use the opportunity provided by MBA application essay to prove his/her suitability to be admitted to the MBA course at the particular business school.

Advantages of Using Sample MBA Application Essays

Students writing their application essays to graduate business schools can study some Sample MBA Application Essays to gain knowledge of how to write an essay for this purpose. They will know what type of essay questions are given and can be ready to select the topics by considering some of the key points. Studying the MBA essay questions asked by different business schools also gives some guidance to the students in understanding the level of knowledge expected and will be demanded from them. If the examples are provided with comments by some knowledgeable persons or an expert, then such essays can immensely helpful. A well-written application essay can greatly enhance in the student’s chance of succeeding in the quest to join a prestigious college or university.

Some Important Rules to Follow

There are some important points that the applicants should remember when writing the MBA application essay. They are:

• GPA and GMAT scores are already decided. There is nothing that can be done to alter your scores. Only thing which is in your span of control is the application essay. Show your character, dedication and vision to the committee.
• Do not brag and appear arrogant in your writing the essay.
• Be as concise as possible.
• Use simple English and avoid business jargon.
• Study about the traditions, history and the vision of the university and the business school and write things that match with those.
• Avoid inappropriate, irrelevant and controversial topics and ideas.
• Give attention to editing and proofreading

Where can You Find Good Sample MBA Application Essays

There are many websites that offer sample admission essays, like college admission essays, business school admission essays and graduate school admission essays etc. Many of those are uploaded by the students who wrote those for their admission applications. The problem is that no comments on the essays are available. The students referring to those sample essays cannot know the shortcomings of them. Some sites offer custom sample essays that may be useful, but the students must be very careful because many sites sell the same essay to many customers.

Sample MBA Application Essays That Give Worth for Money

When buying or downloading free Sample MBA Application Essays students have to remember the possibility of many people using the same sample essays. This can lead to many essays with same ideas and words being received at one graduate school. As some of the graduate schools shortlist the applicants and call the shortlisted applicants for interview and a test where they are expected to write the essay, the students can read many sample essays in preparation for this task. If you are not confident of writing the best essay for this requirement, enlist professional writing help. You can receive sample essays, custom essays and coaching to write excellent MBA Application Essays. �

Writing a College Entrance Essay


Writing a College Entrance Essay is a Must in College Admission Process

Writing a college entrance essay is a must for students when applying for admission to a college. College entrance essay is a requirement in the college entrance application process. Students are required to write an essay on a topic given by the college or a topic selected by the student as an answer to a question asked by the college. The topics and the questions are designed so that the responses can help the selection committee members to evaluate the students’ character traits, choices, preferences and viewpoints.

Topics for Writing College Entrance Essay

Selection of a topic for the college entrance essay also called college admission essay can become a difficult task because of the diversity of topics and the essay questions given by the colleges. But the purpose of giving essay topics and writing the essays is the same. The students have to select topics that are helpful for them to show their suitability to be admitted to the college they are applying. Most of the topics are for the students to reflect on themselves. Students shall use this type of topics to write a personal narrative essay highlighting their good attributes relevant to the program they are applying for.

Examples of College Entrance Essay Questions

Before writing a college entrance essay students can learn about the type of essay questions and the topics given by the colleges. They can gain knowledge to select their admission essay topic by looking at the essay topics and the essay questions given by some of the colleges. Here are some essay questions used by some of the colleges you may be planning to apply for.

1. What have you undertaken or done on your own in the last year or two that has nothing to do with academic work? (Northwestern)
2. Tell us about the neighborhood that you grew up in and how it helped shape you into the kind of person you are today. (Yale and the University of Chicago)
3. Read Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail.” Drawing upon personal experience, write a creative, reflective or provocative essay. (Notre Dame)
4. Evaluate a significant experience or achievement that has special meaning to you. (Harvard)
5. Tell us about the most embarrassing moment of your life. (Santa Clara University)

What Shouldn’t be Done when Writing the College Entrance Essay

The students should avoid writing the obvious and also repetitive words and contents. They shouldn’t write vague statements like helping the people, doing a service to the world etc. There should be specific examples and clarity of what student expect to communicate. When writing the entrance essay the students can avoid controversial topics. In the same way, judgemental ideas on religious, political and ethnic fervor should be avoided. Students shall show their best face, but it may be very disadvantageous to overplay it. The tone of the essay should not be arrogant and self centered.

Get Essay Help to Write a Winning College Entrance Essay

Though the college entrance essay has to be written by the students stating their personal experiences, opinions and the viewpoints students can get help from professional essay writing services in writing a college entrance essay. Students can enlist college essay writing help from a good writing service and even buy custom essays written as per their instructions and assignment requirements.

Winning a Science Essay Contest


Dupont Science Essay Contest is Held to Honor 1986 Challenger Crew

While there are many Science essay contests, this article enumerates on the Dupont Science Essay Contest which is one of the most popular contents among students. Every year more than 10,000 students participate in Dupont Science Essay Contest, held in honor of the crew of ill-fated 1986 mission of Challenger space shuttle. The winners receive monetary awards in the form of US Savings Bonds and Expense-paid trip to Kennedy Space Center and Walt Disney World Resort with a parent. The contest is Organized by Dupont and co-sponsored by NASA, National Science Teachers Association, and Walt Disney World Resort. The essay contest is held for junior and senior divisions and winners of both divisions will receive awards.

Be Aware of all the Contest Rules

Dupont Science Essay Contestis one of the essay contests for high school students and students shall be below 13 years of age on 31st December 2010, attending in the United States, Canada, or their territories and enrolled in grade 7 to 12. Students below 12 years also can send in entries can make special submissions under a different application form obtained from Dupont. The essay must be written on a science related topic. Essays are judged on Mechanics & Conventions (25%), Ideas & Content (25%) Organization (20%) Style & Creativity (20%) and Voice (10%). So students have to be well aware of what is important.

Awards to the Winners

Winners of each division of the Science Essay Contest will receive US Dollars 5,000 each, second place winners US Dollars 3,000 and third place winners US Dollars 2,000. The money will be paid in US Savings Bonds. In addition to these there are US Dollars 200 awards to the honorable mentions in each category. The Winners of first three places in both divisions will receive an expense paid trip to Kennedy Space Center and to Disney World.

Follow the Essay Rules in Selecting Essay Topics and Writing the Essay

The topic for the essay must be science related and the essays on non-science topics are rejected. The length of the essay has to be between 700 to 1000 words and the word count must be mentioned at the end. Due credit should be given to other’s the ideas and quotations in the body of the essay without using footnotes. Bibliography of source material must be given as per MLA format. Diagrams, graphics and illustrations should not be used.
The essay written for an essay writing contest should not be like a report. There is a big difference in an essay and a report. Report can give all the information on a topic. But an essay gives a lot more. In addition to information the essay shows the enthusiasm of the writer and intellectual involvement with that subject. Writer’s personality can be seen from the style and content of the essay. The organizers of the essay contest require essays showing the enthusiasm and the involvement of the students.

Win the Essay Contest with Help from Experts

Organizers have recommended help from teachers. But it may be hard to get the teachers’ help for many reasons. In such situations, students can seek help from a professional essay writing service. The help may range from tips on essay writing to a custom essay example.

Taking Part in Voice of Democracy Essay Contest


Win Your Scholarship from Voice of Democracy Essay Contest

Voice of Democracy Essay Contest was started in 1947 and is sponsored by Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW). This is an audio essay contest held annually. This is one of the most popular essay contests for high school students open to students in grades 9-12. The national winner is awarded a scholarship worth US$ 30,000 to meet the expenses to pursue further education at an American university, college or a vocational/technical school. All state first place winners also get an award. There are other awards ranging from US$ 1,000 to US$ 16,000. Total value of the scholarships is more than US$ 2.5 million. Every year, more than 50,000 entries from students in high schools are received.

Eligibility Criteria and Essay Rules

Applicants for the Voice of Democracy Essay Contest have to be below 20 years of age and studying in grades 9-12. Previous years’ first place state winners also are not eligible to apply. The closing date for the entries for 2010/2011 contest is 2010-11-01. The neatly typed essay has to be submitted along with the speech recorded in an audio CD. Recording should be done in the applicant’s own voice. Total length of the recording should be 3-5 minutes. Music, singing, poetry or sound effects are not allowed in the recording.

Topic for the Essay

Every year a different topic is given for the Voice of Democracy Essay Contest. This year’s topic is “Does My Generation Have a Role in America’s Future?”. The student can use their imagination and creativity to select an essay idea which should fall under this topic because the given topic is too broad. The student shall crate a suitable and attention grabbing sub title to show what he/she is writing in the essay about, keeping the topic as the main heading.

What is the Purpose of an Audio Essay

Audio essay is not for reading but for listening. Still a neatly typed draft has to be submitted with the CD for entering the contest. The audio essay has become more powerful literary form today because of the possibility of delivering it through the internet as a podcast which can reach a target group more conveniently thorough internet. It is not necessary to follow any writing style and essay format, but has to follow a logical order in presenting.

Criteria for Judging the Audio Essays

The rules for the Voice of Democracy Essay Contest state the judging criteria as follows.

• originality 30
• content 35
• delivery 35
As the students can see the delivery of the speech also is given high prominence allocating 35 points out of 100. Students shall consider getting some voice training and learn the finer points in public speaking. But the draft is more important and is deciding the total marks. Therefore the draft must be full of valuable original content. If the students are seriously interested in submitting a winning audio essay they can get the help from a good essay writing company to prepare the draft for the audio essay.

What Role can an Online Essay Writer Play?


Getting an Online Essay Writer to Help you is a Wise Decision

Online Essay Writer is the best way to get a good grade in your essay writing assignment. When an assignment is given majority of students get uneasy as they do not have confidence to write an essay that could get them a passing grade. Sometimes their fear may be justified. But the anxiety may be a hindrance for writing a good essay too. Therefore, the first task for the students is fighting and overcoming the anxiety. One best way to overcome the anxiety by improving their writing skills and expanding their knowledge on the subject is getting help from an expert.

Sources of Essay Help

It is true that many students need help to write a good essay. The best and most appropriate help should come from their teachers. Yet there are many students seeking help from others due to many problems like busy teachers who do not have to give a little extra help or teachers who think that helping students is not appropriate. There may be many more reasons why student need outside help. But it is a fact that students need help to write good essays. One of the methods if not the best is to get help from an online essay writer.

How to Find an Online Essay Writer

There are many ways to find an online essay writer. The most popular and the best way is to get essay help from a good essay writing company. The essay writing companies offer help in selecting an essay topic to editing and proofreading an essay. Students can order customized essays too. When a student orders a custom essay an experienced writer who is an expert in the subject is assigned for writing. Good essay writing companies have their message boards through which customer contact the writer.and can pass instructions get the finished parts for approval etc.

Check These Points When Looking for an Online Essay Writer

Though there are other methods for enlisting help from a freelance online essay writer. the best method to find one is to get help from an essay writing company. The risks involved in getting a freelance writer are many. If the essay is not delivered in time the student will not be able to submit the essay in time resulting in valuable points towards the grades. With a company they can arrange an alternative writer if the assigned writer could not deliver the essay in time for some reason or other.

The Best Essay Writing Service

Many students wonder which is the best essay writing service out of all essay writing services available online. It is important that students invest some time in to selecting a reputed company with qualified writers. The website infrastructure too is important as students should be facilitated with collaboration with writer as well as information sharing.