Tips on Writing an Impressive Graduate Application Essay


Graduate Application Essay Decides the Students Future

Graduate Application essay decides the future of any student applying for admission to a graduate school to follow a postgraduate program like a Master’s Degree or a Doctorate. Have you ever thought why the graduate schools always ask for a graduate application essay from applicants? Every year number of applications received for admission at higher ranking graduate schools is more than five times the positions available. So, it becomes a difficult job for selecting the required number of students from the heap of applications received.

Purpose of a Graduate Application Essay

Graduate Application essay also known as graduate school essay helps the admission committees to select only the applicants who can be a worthy addition to the student body and can give a worthy contribution to the academic discipline selected by the student. On the other hand it helps the students to show the admission committee why he/she shall be selected for admission. This may be the last chance the student will get to present his/her case as the student has already got the Bachelor’s Degree, GPA, GRE, GMAT or MCAT Scores as per the requirements of the graduate school.

Selecting a good Topic for the Graduate Application Essay

Students are normally given essay questions or essay prompts for wiring their graduate application essay. These essay prompts are designed to elicit responses that can help the admission committees to get a better understanding about the applicant than what they can know from other data in the application. The essays shall be written as answers to the essay prompts. Many graduate schools give the essay prompts on the following subjects and the students shall select their prompts and answers so that they can convince their suitability to the committee.

• About the student’s future career plans
• Student’s academic interests and achievements
• Participation in sports and social work
• Experience in research work
• Why the student wants to follow the course of study at this graduate school
• Students attitudes

Writing the Graduate Admission Essay

Usually this type of essays falls in to personal essays and students have to select a topic from a list of given options. They will have to select a writing style that shows the student’s knowledge in academic writing. Another point the students shall keep in their minds is to avoid controversial essay topics because the opinion the students express on controversial topic can work against them. Students have to strictly follow the guidelines given for writing and submitting the essays. Especially the word limits have to be observed very strictly.

Getting Help for Writing the Graduate Application Essay

Whether you have to write an MBA application essay to join a business school, or medical school application essay for applying to a medical school you may require essay help for writing the essay. You can always turn to a good writing service to secure professional writing help.