Writing a Unique Life Experience Essay

by imsai8080.com

Life Experience Essay Brings Forth the Personality of the Writer

Life experience essay is not only a narrative essay that relates a life experience of the writer and it can be used as a personal statement when applying for college or university entrance. Students should select an experience that is either very interesting or an experience that has changed the life of the writer. The experience selected by the writer has to be unusual so that it interests the reader as well. The life experience essay has to be based on something that the student actually experienced. Student can make the experience a little more interesting by adding things or changing the setting etc.

The Selection of the Experience

The main idea of the life experience essay is to tell the reader about one of the infinite number of things the writer has experienced during his/her lifetime. The writer not only sequentially narrates what happened but tell the readers what impact the incident made to the writer, what changes it brought about in his/her life and why he/she selected that particular experience for the essay. Selection of the experience itself gives an indication to the reader about the personality of the writer and his/her way of thinking.

Elements of the Life Experience Essay

The title should be within the scope of the essay and show what it is about. A life experience essay should have an eye-catching title. The introduction paragraph should tell the experience writer is going to present and the knowledge gained from that experience. Next section shall narrate the experience and it shall be complete with answers to the questions what, why, how, when and who. If these questions are not completely answered in the narration, the reader may not be able to put the whole experience in the correct perspective and understand how the writer gained new knowledge from the experience.

Analysis of the Experience is more Important

Student should understand that narration of the experience is only the basis for explaining how that experience changed the life of the writer, what were the lessons learned and the new knowledge gained. Therefore the narrative section should be followed by an analysis section in which the writer reflects on the things happened and brings forth what he/she learned about him/herself, others, external influences and the natural conditions etc. Essay conclusion can state the importance of the learning outcomes and whether the knowledge gained can be generalized to apply to other similar situations.

Life Experience Essays are Difficult

Writing a life experience essay is not as easy as it seems because the student will have to analyze the situation and the experience to get conclusions as to the knowledge gained and the lessons learned. Students can get help from an essay writing company if they do not feel confident of writing a good essay. A good essay writing company employs well qualified writers with long standing experience in academic writing. The students can enlist custom essay help from such a company to ensure that the essay being submitted is up to A+ standard. .