Terms and Conditions

By placing your order with Research Paper Service, you are entering into an agreement with SMART WRITERS LTD. It is important that you should carefully read and understand the following Terms and Conditions. You should also understand and agree that these Terms and Conditions form the entire agreement between us :

We Act as Agent for you [“The Customer”]

  • SMART WRITERS LTD acts as Agent for you the Customer. In our role as Agent, we locate qualified writers that match the academic level and subject matter of the required work.
  • The Customer appoints SMART WRITERS LTD to locate a qualified writer and SMART WRITERS LTD agrees to act as an Agent and provide such services to the Customer.
  • SMART WRITERS LTD undertakes to provide a writer who will deliver work at the academic level stated by the Customer in writing.
  • The customer agrees to check the .PDF draft of the completed work and inform the Agent within 7 days whether the work meets the required standard.

If the work fails to meet the required standards as agreed at the outset, remedial action is available as detailed in this Agreement.

Term of Appointment

As soon as the Agent has confirmed that a suitable writer that meets the Customer’s requirements has been located, the Agreement between the Customer and Agent will be deemed to have commenced.

The Agreement will continue until such time as the Customer receives and accepts the completed work.

100% Original Every Time

The first point – and probably the most important one – that we would like to make clear, is that the papers and essays we supply to all our customers are completely original, each and every time. We never recycle or reuse old essays or text. So you can be sure that the paper we deliver to you is 100% percent written just for you.

Limitation of Liability

As a provider of academic essays and papers, we do our best to deliver to the very highest standards. However, our total liability under our Terms and Conditions is limited to the value of services rendered.

In no event shall either party be liable to the other, whether in contract or in tort or under any other legal or equitable theory (including strict liability) for any indirect, incidental, exemplary, punitive, special or consequential damages, including loss of status, University or School fees or any other damage, whether real or perceived in connection with this agreement, even if the other party or any other person has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Confidentiality, Privacy and Security

We do not store credit card details; all personal information you pass to us about yourself and the details of your studies is kept completely private and confidential. We are a Company that operates entirely alone and we do not share information – yours, or ours – with any other company, business, third party or database. So you can be entirely confident that your personal information is safe at all times: now, and in the future.

We Collect Data When You Visit Our Website

As you do your initial research when you first visit our website, we collect basic technical information about your computer to help web pages load more easily. As most commercial websites do – sometimes we install harmless cookies for this purpose. We also gather marketing information on how long people spend on our website and which pages they visit.

About Cookies

Cookies are text files that identify your computer to our server. Cookies by themselves do not present a risk as their job is to monitor web traffic in a general sense without identifying personal details of website visitors.

On your computer, you have the option to receive information on what cookies are being installed and you can choose whether to accept or refuse the installation of cookies.

How We Use Information We Collect

As you browse our website to make enquiries, ask for a prospectus, enter feedback or any other normal process connected with our business, you may be asked to provide personal details, including your email address. This information is essential for business purposes.

However, we treat this sensitive data we collect with all due care and attention and never disclose any part of it to a third party.

Future uses of Data

Should we change our policy on collected data at some time in the future, we will update this page to reflect those changes. Any data collected prior to those changes will be held by us under the data retention rules that existed at the time they were collected.

Security Precautions

We have taken all measures possible to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to the personal data held in our databases and on our Servers. We have installed all necessary protection to prevent, as far as is possible, third parties gaining access to our secure information.

Future Changes to Our Privacy Policy

From time to time our legal advisers may recommend that we alter our Privacy Policy in the light of some future change in the law or to create additional security for our customers. It is our intention to keep all matters relating to Security, Confidentiality and Privacy under continuous review. We recommend that you review this Terms & Conditions page from time-to-time as any such changes will be reflected in this section of our website.

Your Access to Information

Under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998, it is your right as a customer to gain access to the information that we hold in our records about you. We will gladly furnish you with copies of that information and you will be able to correct any inaccuracies as you see fit. To request access to your information, please apply in writing and we will reply to the address we have for you in our records.


  • The full copyright to all work supplied by the Agent is retained by the Agent.
  • The Customer hereby acknowledges that the Agent and its personnel actively work to prohibit plagiarism. The Customer also acknowledges that the Agent reserves the right to cancel any agreement, contract or arrangement with any person who condones or attempts to pass plagiarized work as original.
  • The Customer also agrees that any work supplied by the Agent and the writers concerned may not be passed to third parties nor distributed in any way for payment or for any other purpose.
  • The Customer acknowledges that if the Agent suspects that work delivered under an agreement with a Customer has been distributed or has been used in any form of plagiarism, the Agent reserves the right to refuse to carry out any further work for that customer.
  • The Agency undertakes not to reproduce any work supplied as original and offer it to other agents, websites or for any other commercial purpose.  

Information on Our Pricing Policy

Our prices are set at the industry average for top quality work. While we use the very best writers available in the marketplace, we never use writers from other countries where English is not the first language and who fail to meet the standards demanded by our customers. By adopting this principle we are able to offer the very highest quality at prices that are both fair and reasonable.

Our service covers a very wide range of subjects and academic levels. We are asked to perform writing tasks that can include personal letters, book and music reviews and research papers as well as revision of a customer’s own work. Similarly, we create original papers that range in complexity from College standard up to preparing Theses at Master’s Degree level.

Our quote for each piece of work varies according to the academic level and the degree of complexity of the piece requested. A further element of the cost is the measure of urgency in which the work is required.

By making your request clear and detailed, you will greatly assist our writers to complete good work without having to refer back to you. Any difficulty the writers have in completing the work due to incomplete information or uncertain details will almost certainly result in some delay while the writer checks back and then waits for the response.

Good communications benefit all parties. We encourage customers to discuss their requirements with us at an early stage as we find that the orders with clear instructions and objectives are invariably finished quickly without having to refer back to the customer.

Value Added Tax

VAT is included in the total price where appropriate. The rate of VAT will be the rate prevailing from time to time.

Money Back Guarantee

We have a comprehensive Money Back Policy to protect our customer’s interests while our writers complete the orders. These are:

  • Customer inadvertently pays the fee twice.
  • Where we fail to provide a qualified writer for a particular subject or academic level.
  • Where a customer subsequently cancels after receiving an email confirming that a writer has been allocated – 70% refund.
  • Where a paper is delivered late, the price will be recalculated for a delivery at the new delayed time in accordance with our scale of charges.
  • Where the customer is dissatisfied with the quality of the delivered work, we will ask you for precise reasons why the delivered paper fails to meet expectations. Each such case will be assessed separately and in detail. We will look at the original instructions to ascertain whether the final draft matches the instructions to ensure we are able to give fair compensation to the customer. In many cases, the most satisfactory outcome is that the writer revises the paper – for which there is no cost provided the original instructions are not altered by the customer.
  • Where the Customer wishes to dispute the quality standard of the Work under this guarantee, they must provide the Agency with either credible evidence or a reasonable explanation of the facts that lead them to believe the Work does not meet the required 2.1 quality standard, within seven days of the delivery date.
  • If the Customer presents the Agency with such credible evidence or reasonable explanation, the Agency will carefully re-review the Work and make a decision, having regard to all relevant circumstances and making reference to a qualified writer where they deem it necessary to do so. 
  • If the Customer has in their possession any evidence whatsoever that the Work does not meet the quality standard ordered, it is a condition of this agreement that such evidence must be submitted to the Agency promptly and the Agency will take this evidence into account when reaching a decision. 
  • If the Work is determined to be below the quality standard ordered, but the reason for this is that the Customer made requests in their Order specification that had the effect of lowering the quality standard of the Work, and had these requests not been complied with by the Writer, it is highly likely, on a balance of probabilities, that the Work would have met the required quality standard, then no refund will be given.
  • If the Work is determined to be below the quality standard ordered, but the reason for this is that the Customer made requests in their Order specification that were open to interpretation due to ambiguity, then no refund will be given.
  • In all cases, the Agency’s decision is final but the Agency will provide the Customer with sufficiently detailed information as to how it reached its decision including, if applicable, a copy of any writer’s report that has been commissioned.
  • This guarantee only applies where the Customer orders 2.1 standard work.