Be the One to Submit Winning Scholarship Essays


Winning Scholarship Essays Help the Students Pay for their College Education

Students write winning scholarship essays and receive scholarships that help them to pay for their tuition. Every year a large amount of scholarship money is distributed among students studying in colleges and universities and other institutions of higher education. These scholarships are given by various government agencies, non governmental organizations, business organizations and private funds for students to pursue their higher education. These are based on the needs of the students or on the merits. Applicants for the scholarships are required to submit a scholarship essay for many scholarships. There are some essay competitions that offer scholarships for the winning essays.

Topics for Scholarship Essays

Donor organizations of scholarships normally ask the students to write an essay based either on a topic specified by them or a topic chosen by the students. The topics may be based on the vision or the ideals of the donor organization in case of non governmental organizations. For the scholarships granted by government and universities the topics are similar to personal statements presenting the student’s achievements, life, thinking and the ambitions. If given a chance, the students shall find and select the topics that can showcase their suitability for receiving the scholarship.

How to write a Winning Scholarship Essay

Students shall exert maximum effort and allow sufficient time for writing winning winning scholarship essays, considering the benefit of receiving the scholarship. First of all the students shall study the background, history, vision and the ideals of the organization offering the scholarship and their expectations by offering a scholarship. The scholarship essay shall be written to match these and a good essay can be produced only after doing a fair amount of research on the above factors. Students may get tips on college scholarship essay writing from many reputed books written on the subject. There are also various online resource sites that offer valuable information to this effect.

Essay Contests Offering Scholarships as Prizes

There are a good number of essay contests for college students and high school students to meet the expenses on their college education. The value of the scholarships may vary from $500 to $ 40,000. Here are some of the prestigious annual essay contests held in USA. Foreign students also can participate in some of the contests if they plan to study in USA.

• Ayn Rand Institute conducts five essay contests (Anthem, Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged, We the Living and the contest for former participants)
• Profile in Courage Essay contest
• National Peace Essay Contest
• AFSA Essay contest
• Being an American Essay contest
• JASNA Essay contest

Getting Help to write a Winning Scholarship Essay

There is a big competition to receive the scholarships and the scholarship essay is a deciding factor in majority of these. To write winning scholarship essays most of the applicants get some support. You may choose to secure professional writing support from a well established essay writing company. Then, well qualified writers with many years of writing experience will write your essay to beat other competitors and win you the coveted scholarship.