Become Competent in Writing Excellent College Essays


Excellent College Essays are the Result of Good Topic Selection and Systematic Research

If the students are to write excellent college essay, they have to select good topics and carry out systematic research on the chosen topic. Therefore before writing the essay, it is essential to select a good, appropriate and a manageable topic. For this students shall know the characteristics of a good topic for an essay. The other important steps are the formulation of a thesis, writing a thesis statement, research for information and data to support the thesis and writing of the essay.

Selecting Good Topics for Writing Excellent Essays

Selection of a good topic is the first barrier the students have to pass when writing the essay. Selection of the type of essay also is vital for the success of writing excellent college essays. A good topic shall be interesting to the reader as well as to the writer. The topic should be narrow enough to research and write the essay within the given word limit and the available period of time. The topic should be specific and focused on one single point rather than being vague and deal in many points. It is of the best interests of the students to avoid controversial essay topics, as such topics can generate unnecessary bias in marking the essay.

Excellent Thesis for an Excellent Essay

Formulating a thesis for the essay is both an art and a science that the students have to learn for writing excellent college essays. The type of the essay has to be decided before formulating the thesis and writing thesis statement because they have to match the type of the essay. The main types of essays the students have to select from are argumentative essays, analytical essays, expository essays, compare and contrast essays and cause and effect essays. Thesis is the main argument, idea or the problem examined in the essay. This has to be specific and cover all the aspects discussed in the essay and cover only what is in the essay.

Adhere to the Accepted Format when Writing an Essay

For the high school students writing essays the accepted and most appropriate essay format is the standard five paragraph essay format. Five paragraph essay format helps the students to write essays that are logically ordered, coherent and readable. Students can write an essay outline to guide them when writing the essay. The five paragraph essay starts with an introduction paragraph that shall essentially present an overview of the topic and the thesis statement. Each of the three main body paragraphs that follow shall contain one specific argument. Last paragraph shall contain the conclusion, including the re-stated thesis.

Students may Require help for Writing Excellent College Essays

Writing excellent college essays may require essay help. Students may get help from a good essay writing service, if they feel that their own writing is not up to the mark. It can also be the case that the student is too busy with other commitments. If you have decided to get a custom written essay from a writing company, then, select wisely and enlist the help from a well established writing company.