Can You Write Good Richard Rodriguez Essays?


Richard Rodriguez Essays are a Critical Insight on American Life and Culture

Richard Rodriguez essays have been written mainly on the multi-racial culture and the American way of life. Richard Rodriguez was born in 1944 to a Mexican immigrant working class family. He was educated in English and Graduated from Stanford with B.A. He received his M.A. from Columbia and was a PhD candidate at University of California Berkley. Today he is the best known Hispanic American writer with more than ten books to his credit. He is well known for his numerous essays written on various diverse topics, some of which won prestigious awards like Christopher Prize, National Book Critics Award, George Foster Peabody Award and Frankel Medal. He was nominated for the Pulitzer price in non-fiction in 1993.

Diverse Topics Discussed in Richard Rodriguez Essays

When students get assignments to write their essays on Richard Rodriguez or his literary works students need to study his books and the essays. He has written a large number of essays on a variety of topics like American multi ethnic culture, bilingual education, and assimilation. He won national acclaim for his first book, Hunger for memory. Students can select any of his numerous essays as topics for their Richard Rodriguez Essays and can write good critical essays on them.

Collections of Richard Rodriguez Essays

First collection of Richard Rodriguez Essays, Hunger for Memory: The Education of Richard Rodriguez was published in 1981. The essays in this collection are autobiographical essays that describe his path from poor Hispanic boy to a fully assimilated American. For this transformation he had to distance himself from his family, culture, heritage and the Spanish speaking domain. In his essays in the book he expressed ideas against the bilingual education and strongly advocated full assimilation to American way of life. Though he became famous and won many awards there was criticism from Spanish speaking people and some branded him as a traitor.

Prominent Essays and the Collections by Richard Rodriguez

During his writing career spanning from 1970s, Richard Rodriguez has written so many essays that have been published as essay collections and in prestigious magazines like Harper’s Magazine, Mother Jones, and Tim. Some of his essays are on controversial essay topics. He regularly contributes to many online magazines too. Here are some of his more prominent works.

• Hunger of memory: The Education of Richard Rodriguez
• Days of Obligation: An Argument With My Mexican Father
• Brown: Last Discovery of America
• Aria: Memoir of a Bilingual Childhood
• Mexico’s Children

He is currently writing a book named God of the Desert on the three great monotheistic religions that were born in desert.

How to Submit an Outstanding Richard Rodriguez Essay

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