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Casablanca Essay can be Written on the Entire Plot or on Specific Characters

Casablanca essay offers the students a variety of topics to explore as the film is rich in themes and contains outstanding performances by the cast. The film is recognized for its superb direction too. The film received eight nominations and three awards for the best picture, best direction, and best screenplay at the 16th academy awards, which goes to show the stature of this film. Its, characters, dialogues and music has become all time favorites and the film is considered one of the greatest films ever produced. The students can select a good topic from any of the interesting essay topics that explore themes, characters, performance, direction and plot or any other aspect of the film.

The Plot of the Film

The film was set in the Moroccan city of Casablanca during the World War II. The main character Rick Blaine is politically neutral nightclub owner operating an up market nightclub in Casablanca. He decides to help his ex-lover Ilsa and her husband Victor Laszlo, a Czech Resistance leader to escape to America. With many incidents and sub plots running, Ilsa and Laszlo escape with Rick’s help and Rick and his adversary Police Captain Renault become friends and join the Free French. Students can write about this plot with their own interpretations as well as citing of other critic’s opinions to produce an outstanding Casablanca essay.

Themes of the Film

There are many themes in the film. Main theme is the Sacrifice of the main character Rick Blaine. He, instead of keeping the woman he loves with him helps her and her husband to escape because he respects Laszlo and loves Ilsa. Second is Rick’s transformation from politically neutral stand to anti-Nazi stand. Students can examine the real reasons behind this. Loyalties and how the opportunists change the loyalties can be discussed citing Renault’s behavior. The power of love to change the attitudes of a person can be seen from Rick’s transformation. Students must learn to delve out such interesting aspects to discuss if they are interested in writing good college essays, whether it is on the movie Casablanca or on any other creative or literacy work.

Characters Analysis

Students can write character analysis essays analyzing the characters in the film. In the beginning of the film Rick Blaine is a neutral person and he does not seek anything, hence not a hero. But hearing from Ilsa, the story of Laszlo’s escape from concentration camp his attitudes change. Victor Laszlo is a leader of Czech resistance and fights the Nazis qualifying him to be a hero. Ilsa wants to stay behind with Rick and wants to send Laszlo alone. Rick gives her the impression that she can stay with him until the last moment. These are very powerful portrayals of the characters that can be used by the students.

Writing an Excellent Casablanca Essay with Essay Help

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