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5 Paragraph Essay Organizer Helps Teachers and Students

Students use the 5 paragraph essay organizer for writing their essays while the teachers use them for teaching essay writing to their students. There are many types of essay organizers. As the five paragraph essay has become the standard for high school essays, many good and eye-catching graphic essay organizers have been developed for helping students to write their essays. Students can download a suitable essay organizer free of charge from one of many websites offering them free. The main advantage of using an organizer is minimizing the possibility of any omissions of important elements of the essay.

5 Paragraph Graphic Essay Organizers

5 Paragraph graphic essay organizer is a special type of 5 paragraph essay organizer. A graphic organizer is designed with graphically created blocks in which the students can fill in the items stated in the blocks. This automatically completes the essay and makes it easy for the students to remember the items under each paragraph and the order in which they should be presented. The graphic essay organizers are very useful in teaching essay writing to students in middle high school, from 4th grade to 8th grade.

What Can ad what Cannot an Organizer do?

Obviously, a 5 paragraph essay organizer cannot make a student a master essay writer. But it helps the students to write a well planned, well organized and logically sequenced essay. The essay organizer is a template for the essay outline. Once the blanks are filled students get perfect essay outlines that can be used to write an excellent essay fitting the standard 5 paragraph essay format. Therefore, the students have to know that an essay organizer is merely a tool that helps the students write the essay in the logical sequence and follow the standard format.

Components in the Essay Organizer

The five part essay organizer shall have separate blocks for each part that can be separately identified. The first block that appears at the head shall have the essay title. Then the block for the first paragraph shall be there and it should have blanks for writing briefly, the three ideas for three body paragraphs and the thesis statement. The three blocks that follow shall have blanks for the brief summary of the three main ideas or evidences to be written in that paragraph. The last paragraph contains the essay conclusion. This essentially must contain blanks for the thesis statement, summing up the three main points and the student’s opinion on the topic.

Other Types of Essay Help

Essay organizer is only one of the many tools and a way of help. But majority of students at some stage find that they need extra help for finishing their essay and need advice. In such situations, students can get essay help from a professional essay writing company that can provide outstanding support. With such help, submitting an excellent essay to get a good grade will be a reality for many students.