Writing Sociology Essays

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Sociology Essays Explores the Issues in Societies

Sociology Essays shall discuss topics connected with the issues in societies, in different ways to other disciplines like Political Science, Economics, and Anthropology. These subjects study different aspects of the society and the social interactions among individuals. The vast social changes that occurred during and after the French revolution and Industrial revolution made the academics in traditional social sciences mentioned above to think that these disciplines are inadequate to understand and explain many of these changes. Among these Auguste Comte is considered as father of Sociology and he coined the name Sociology for the new academic discipline.

Sociology and its Scope

Sociology is a relatively new social science. The word sociology was coined by Auguste Comte in 1938. Works of Comte, Marx, Engels and Spencer are considered to have laid the foundations of sociology. University of Kansas is the first University to teach Sociology as a discipline. It started the first course in 1983. Students writing Sociology essays can find topics in many of the fields and areas of study coming under this subject. They are society, culture, religion, government, crime, conflicts and the classes. This is by no means a complete list of subjects and topics studied under Sociology.

The Methodologies of Sociology

The discipline evolved in two paths in different centers of learning. This gave rise to qualitative and quantitative Sociologies. Qualitative approach relies on accurate study of how a group acts in a society. This method evolved at University of Chicago while the academics at Harvard University developed Quantitative Sociology which employs statistical methods to analyze data to come into conclusions. Normally, it is considered that the quantitative methods yield more accurate understanding, but there are many who disagree. This is a good topic for thought provoking argumentative essays.

How to Select an Interesting Sociology Essay Topic

The discipline may be new but the society that is studied by Sociology has existed for many millennia. Hence there are vast number of topics and issues that need attention. It cannot be a problem for the students to find interesting topics for sociology essays. But if the student is to create an outstanding piece of work he/she should select the topic wisely.

Most important criterion to be used in selecting a topic is writer’s interest on that topic. His/her knowledge on the topic also plays an important role but if there is an interest he/she can gain the required knowledge. The topic has to be a current topic and not stale to generate an interest among the readers. When selecting controversial essay topics, students should be careful as not to get entangled in the controversy but to write with an unbiased stance.

Help for Writing Sociology Essays

Though it may look like writing sociology essays is an easy task many students need help in writing a sociology essay. When in need they can get help from professional essay writing company. A good essay writing company offers a variety of services in any stage of writing an essay, from topic selection to editing and proof reading. Students can even buy a custom essay written as per their requirements.