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Are Cheap Essays Really Cheap?


How Cheap are the Cheap Essays?

Sometimes buying cheap essays can cost many years of hard work and tens of thousands of Dollars to a student. Then, such essays are no longer cheap but carry a high price to pay! It is true that due to the competition between essay writing companies, the prices of custom written essays may have come down. Yet, students need to understand that there is a cost involved in writing a high caliber essay that is original and according to the essay writing requirements. If the essays are offered at unbelievably cheap rates, you should be concerned of the originality and the quality of the essays. Only rewritten, copied or recycled essays can be offered at very low prices as no well qualified writer is likely to write below industry standards of remuneration. Students may face serious consequences such as being suspended from courses, if the essays they purchase at cheap rates are copied or plagiarized ones.

Some Companies Charge Exorbitant Prices for Essays

While some companies sell cheap essays that are recycled or rewritten, at very low prices, some sell essays at exorbitant prices. Most students cannot pay very high prices for the essays they purchase. Therefore the students will have to do a thorough search when deciding to buy essays from an essay writing company. While the quality of the essay has to be the deciding factor, the price of the essay has to be a reasonable one to make it affordable to students. This is why students need to realize that too cheap or too expensive essays are not the choices to be selected in securing coursework help.

Quality Essays that Earn Super Grades at Reasonable Prices

Students resort to buy essays online when they need help to get a passing grades for their essay assignments. In such situations, most cannot pay very high prices to buy good essays. But they should also avoid the high risks associated in buying cheap essays. Identifying an affordable essay writing service that delivers high caliber work is the desirable solution. The most reliable testimonies are from the satisfied users of the services. Students can check the testimonies in the websites of the writing companies and various other students’ forums. They can also get the opinions of the friends and colleagues who have used such services. If you are diligent in your search for a good writing company, you are bound to find the right company for your needs.

Selection of a Good Writing Service from a Myriad of Cheap Websites

When searching for a good essay writing service, students will find a multitude of sites offering essays at cheap prices. The high competition is good in bringing the prices down, but it is also a cause for the ever falling standards. Guarantees offered by the writing services are also a good indication for the quality of the essays. Some companies offer anti plagiarism reports along with the assignment. This is a very strong assurance for the student as it indicates the originality level of the essay. Some offer money back guarantees and unlimited number of revisions to meet customer expectations.

Buying a Quality Essay that Can Earn a Good Grade

Getting high grades for their assignments is a dream of any student. If they feel that their knowledge and skills are not adequate to write a good essay that can get the grade they expect, then the option is to buy a custom essay from a good company. Buy ordering an essay online, students tap on to professional writers who have years of experience in writing countless number of essays on a multitude of topics. They are well aware of different essay styles and formatting standards which allow them to deliver excellent essays to the clients. ��������

What is a Tragic Hero Essay?


Tragic Hero Essay Focus on a Role of a Hero from a Tragedy

The tragic hero essay is a popular English essay topics which usually focuses on the analysis of a character from a tragedy. Tragic hero usually happens to be the main character in such a plot. Aristotle’s definition of tragic hero requires the hero to be noble. He is not responsible for the tragic events by himself, but some error in judgment has created the situation. Hero of a Tragedy is normally a person of high stature, whose action can have an impact on many other people’s lives. His actions, guided by an error in judgment or miscalculation may have led to tragedy, although the intensions may have been different.

Success of the Essay is decided at the Start Itself

An essay needs to be well planned at the beginning, if it is to be completed successfully. This involves the selection of an appropriate topic with considerable brainstorming and deliberation. Second step is to draft out an essay outline which can l help the student to plan the content, flow, structure and format of the essay. You should also decide on the type of essay you will be writing. It can be assigned or you may have your freedom to choose, as to what type of a tragic hero essay you will be writing. Generally, this essay can be written as an analytic essay, compare and contrast essay or an argumentative essay. The topic must be a tragedy or tragedies that the student has studied well and has an interest in so that the writing has depth or understanding.

Some Famous Tragic Heroes from Literature

Since this type of essay is assigned mainly for literature studies, students are to select their tragic hero character from the literature, and the most favorite are from Shakespearean tragedies. Following are some examples of such heroes for the students to select from.

• Shakespeare’s Plays

o King Lear from King Lear

o Othello in Othello, the Moore of Venice

o Macbeth in The Tragedy of Macbeth

o Hamlet of The Trgedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

• Sophocles’ tragic heroes

o King Creon from Antigone

o Heracles in Women of Trachis

o Oedipus in Oedipus the King

• American literature

o John Proctor in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible

o Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman, by Arthur Miller

o Blanche Dubois in Tennessee Williams’ Street Car Named Desire

Argumentative Essays on Tragic Heroes

Although the usual type of tragic hero essay is character analysis, argumentative essays can also be written if the student is to ready to approach the assignment in a creative fashion. The main requirement would then be to find an arguable topic. For instance there is disagreement regarding whether Blanche Dubois in Streetcar named desire is a tragic hero or an anti-tragic hero. Both Creon and Antigone are characters from Antigone. Both are considered as tragic heroes. But a student can write an argumentative essay to show who the true tragic hero is. For writing a good Tragic hero essay it is essential that the student understands the entire plot well and the role of the hero in the plot. It is also important to understand his character, his flaws and the circumstances under which the tragedy takes place.

Facing Trouble with a Tragic Hero Essay

Writing literature related essays spells trouble for some students, especially when they have little interest to read the work of literature involved in the assignment. However, the need for a good grade needs no elaboration and students need to be practical at times and seek writing help from a good writing firm. Students can get professional help from professionals by choosing a writing service that offers custom written essays. By selecting the best essay writing service, you can be assured of receiving the best grades for your essay

Writing a Delectable Vegetarian Essay


Vegetarian Essay can be Written from Different Perspectives

An interesting and useful Vegetarian Essay can be written if the student carries out some targeted research on the subject. The important aspect of this type of essay writing is to settle for a narrow and specific issue at the very beginning. This would enable the research to be targeted on the selected specific area and find lot of interesting and useful information that would make the essay interesting to the reader. Students can approach the topic from different perspectives and if written well, a good grade and the satisfaction of writing a useful and interesting essay is yours.

Select the most Interesting Topics

Selection of an interesting issue as essay topic is the important first step in essay writing process. Type of the vegetarian essay has to be decided after the selection of the topic as the topic should be suitable for the type of essay to be written. It is possible for the students to write analytic essays, argumentative essays, compare and contrast essays, expository essays and classification essays on the vegetarian topics. The vegetarianism offers many aspects to be discussed and analyzed within an essay. Some of them include religious, philosophical, health and medical and social issues. Students can use their creativity to write essays that can attract and hold the reader’s interest which is the best yardstick of a good essay.

Refer to Various Sources of Information to Learn about Vegetarianism

There are many different definitions for Vegetarianism and accordingly many types of vegetarianisms. Generally avoiding eating flesh of animals is considered as vegetarianism. But there are some people who eat fish and not eat meat of the mammals etc. Ovo-lacto vegetarians consume eggs and dairy products but not meat. Some vegetarians do not eat bee’s honey also. The definitions and variations are many, and can be used to write a comprehensive and informative classification essay on different types of vegetarianisms.

Why People Become Vegetarians?

People become vegetarians for various different reasons. Religions like Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism advocate and encourage vegetarianism on kindness to living beings. Strict vegetarians practicing Jainism do not eat even root vegetables because they believe plants also have life and taking root vegetables require killing the plant. Some people consider that denying animals the right to live for the sake of eating their flesh is unethical and their reasons for becoming vegetarians are philosophical.

The reason that is being considered as most important now is the health and medical benefits of vegetarianism. It has been found that the vegetarians live longer and have lower incidence of many illnesses like hypertension, heart disease, kidney disease and type-two diabetes. Body mass index of the vegetarians has been found to be low which also is beneficial for health. Vegetarianism is a wide subject that can produce a vast number of topics for vegetarian essay.

Getting Help for Writing Essays can Enhance the Quality

Students can greatly enhance the quality of their essays by getting essay help. Help from a good Essay writing company is the best and easiest way to get such help. Through such professional help, students can get new ideas, understand proper essay writing techniques and become enlightened on various aspects of essay structuring, editing and formatting the final work. Since professional writings services hire well qualified writers with vast experience, the essays you get from them will be fine benchmarks of proper essay writing.

Why is it Useful to Refer to Sample Law School Essays


Read Some Sample Law School Essays before Your Start Writing Your Law School Application Essay

Sample Law School Essays are helpful for the students to get familiar with the type of essays that are submitted for the law school admission. Law is a respectable, responsible and lucrative profession. While many may want to get enrolment in to a prestigious law school, admission to a law school has become quite competitive. Therefore the students must portray themselves to be very suitable to follow a career in law, in their admission essays. Applicants for the law schools have to be extremely keen on writing the best possible admission essay they can. They should study the expectations of the committees that select the students from the large number of applicants for admission.

What do the Law Schools Expect from their Students

Most law schools require students to have a four year bachelor’s degree and Law school admission test (LSAT) scores. If the applicants have these two basic requirements they have to show the admission officers that they are worthy additions to the student body of the school. Identifying the personal quality or the talent that makes the best impression in the minds of the committee members and works for the student’s advantage shall determine the approach, topic and the style of the essay. If the students read some good Sample Law School Essays they will understand what to highlight in their essays.

What Makes a Good Law School Admission Essay?

Like any good essay, Law school essay shall have a thesis, a thesis that proves highlights or asserts the suitability of the candidate. Admission essays can be expository essays describing one or few facts, traits or achievements of the applicant that make it easy for the committee to take a decision favorable to the student. Argumentative essay topics can be selected creatively to show the students argumentative and analytic skills as well as his/her opinions on a debatable subject. This would also help the committees to understand the personal standing of the student on the subject.

Admission Essay may be the Deciding Factor in the Selection Process

There are a number of different criteria considered in the selection of an applicant. Especially in borderline cases, final decision will rest on one of these points like LSAT score, leadership quality, and diversity of the students in a class. Admission essay can be the document that will tip the balance in the way favorable to the student. For example, if the LSAT grades are just above the stipulated minimum, student’s admission essay is the best place where he/she can show the other academic achievements as well as character strengths that can portray a favorable image to impress the selectors.

Importance of the Admission Essay Justifies the Best Efforts

The admission essay is very important in the admissions process and justifies best efforts from the students. This includes the help from best and appropriate sources. You may choose to receive professional essay writing help from a good writing service. You may also refer to some well written Sample Law School Essaysavailable from these writing services to improve the essay you write.

Few Useful Admission Essay Tips


Admission Essay Tips help Students to avoid serious Mistakes in Writing

Admission Essay Tips are very helpful for students who are aiming to avoid any grave mistakes when they are writing their admission essays. Admission essay may be the most important essay or piece of writing that is written by many students in their life time. It is one of the critical parts of the whole admission process and the admission to a good college is a turning point in the life of any person. There are many mistakes committed by the students when they write admission essays due to their lack of knowledge on what is expected from an admission essay. Admission essay tips will educate the students on what is expected from the essay and how to write the admission essay to meet those requirements.

Show why you are better than Other Applicants

There is a fierce competition for the limited places available in the colleges, especially the high ranking prestigious ones. The admission essay may be the deciding factor in the selection of many applicants. Therefore the students shall try their best to show the admission officers why they are better than other applicants and why they should be selected for admission. Admission essay tips will give advice to the students how they can showcase their best qualities, achievements and talents so that a good impression is created among the members of admission committee.

Select a Good Topic for the Admission Essay

Most universities and colleges give an essay prompt and the students are required to select their topic as a response to the essay prompt. The details that are filled in the application form and the certificates submitted may not be enough to assess the students, especially their character and the personality. Essay prompts are designed to trigger responses from the students to write about things that cannot be filled in a form, which can help the selectors to assess the student’s suitability. A good admission essay topic enables the student to portray his/her best qualities those are relevant for the selection.

Some Useful Admission Essay Tips

Following are some useful admission essay tips.

• The deadlines for the applications and the admission process are strict. So, start writing the essay as early as possible.

• Admission essay is not an English language assignment. The main idea is to tell about you to the reader. Use your language, your style and your ideas to create the best image of yourself.

• But remember that you cannot use slang, the language used for text messages or social networking sites.

• Understand the essay prompt and select a good topic that would cover the aspect expected by the prompt. Do not write your essay like an answer to a question.

• Strictly adhere to the limits of word count.

Proper Essay Help Will Greatly Improve the Chance for Selection

Students can greatly enhance their chances for selection by getting essay help from proper sources. There are well established essay writing services that can provide students with admission essay examples or custom written admission essays. With such help, students will have a better chance of securing a place in the colleges they dreamed of.

Writing Successful College Level Essay


College Level Essay Requires Detailed Research

Writing a college level essay is vastly different from writing an essay for an assignment in the high school. But there are many students who find it difficult to understand the differences and adjust themselves to write college level essays with contents and quality that match the rigorous standards expected in a college level essay. Most important difference is the length of the essay. The essays written for high school assignments do not examine or explore as deep as in a college level research. Hence they need not be more than 1000 words long and usually are 500 to 600 words in length. But in the case of college essays, there are many comparative differences.

Upgrade Yourself from Five Paragraph Essay

The success of students in college level essay writing lies in getting out of the five-paragraph essay mindset, painstakingly cultivated for a long time by the school teachers. In the school, students are taught to get adapted to the five paragraph essay format. In the college they should get out of that way of thinking and get used to selecting the best structure that suits the requirements of their assignment. The length of the essay also is not limited to 600 words but can be 10 to 15 pages long requiring 2500 or 3000 words.

Systematic and Focused Research is Important

The quality and the quantity of research needed for writing a good college level essay too is very much higher than the level of research done for writing an essay in the high school. The research for the college level essay has to be focused on the selected topic and relevant to proving or supporting the thesis of the essay. While doing the research, students are expected to compile the list of references to be attached to the essay. This is a requirement according to the essay format and citation standards of the applicable writing style.

Writing Style is Vital in College Level Essays

Another vital aspect of essay writing at the college level is the writing style. The students need to know what style they are to follow when writing the essay. There are five writing styles that are widely accepted in academic writing. They are MLA style, APA style, Harvard style, Chicago style and the Turbian style. Students have to check the requirement of the respective course module before selecting a writing style. If a writing style has been prescribed, the students have to follow that. Otherwise they can select the best suited style for their essay.

Essay Help in Writing College Level Essays

Majority of the students know that a little help can go a long way to write a successful essay. They surmount the troubles faced in college level assignment writing by getting writing help from a good essay writing company. Well experienced writers employed in such professional writing firms are experts in various fields of studies and will help students submit outstanding work with a little added help.

How to Write the Taming of the Shrew Essay


Write the Taming of the Shrew Essay with Deep Insight of the Theme

Taming of the shrew essay is one of the very popular English essay topics for high school assignments. Taming of the shrew is a famous play written by William Shakespeare in about 1590. It has been surrounded by controversy even during the time it was written, due to the misogynistic theme. There are various theories regarding the originality of the plot as well, since some scholars and critics have cited several stories that carry similar plots. Shakespeare may have known one or more of those stories, which may have lent to the similarities. But most scholars agree that the play is not a direct adaptation of any other story although there are many old stories from different countries and era carrying similar plots.

The Plot of the Essay

Taming of the shrew has been produced by many theater groups many times over. It has adapted to films and TV in many English speaking countries. The book has been translated to all the major languages as well. The play uses the literary framing device known as induction where the play is part of another story. In Taming of the shrew is performed for a drunken tinker who is made to believe that he is a nobleman. The main female character is Katherine who is an ill-tempered headstrong young woman. The plot is woven around the courtship of Katherine and Petruchio. Petruchio transforms Katherine to an obedient wife and wins a wager placed on the obedience of the wives.

Controversial Nature of the Theme of the Play

The main theme of the play is turning an independent young woman, to a submissive wife by her husband. In the play the methods used by Petruchio are not the physical beating but mental torture. He keeps the wife hungry after preparing the best food till she agrees to his words. Finally he makes her agree to call the sun as moon. This type of misogynistic elements and the theme itself have been at the centre of controversy from the time of the writing of the play. Students writing Taming of the shrew essay can find argumentative essay topics on this aspect.

Analysis of the Characters in the Play

The main characters in the play are Katherine and Petruchio. These two characters have been vividly developed by Shakespeare through the use of situations, incidences and appropriate words in dialogue. Students can write analytical essays analyzing the characters for their Taming of the shrew essay. At the start of the play Katherine is portrayed as an ill-tempered, bad mouthed young woman who can even physically attack any man whom she dislikes. The students can examine the reasons for her behavior. Possibly she was jealous of her younger sister Bianca who gets more attention and more affection from her father and others too. Such deep probing of the characters and their nature can yield essays that are interesting and thought provoking to the reader.

Getting Help to write a Marvelous Taming of the Shrew Essay

Student that read avidly, do more research on the topic of the essay and get necessary help when required, fare a lot better than other students. This is why it is important to seek professional writing help from a good essay writing company that can guide you with advice, sample essays or custom written essays tailored to suit your own assignments.

Writing Superb College Application Essays


College Application Essays decide the Future of the Students

Talent to write good college application essays is a rare gift that only a few students are endowed with. Students graduated from the high school and completed their SAT, ACT or any other examination cited as a requirement for the college admission. Then, they need to send the applications to the colleges of their choice. Most of the times, a large number of students who are applying to colleges are having impressive academic reports. The point of differentiation is therefore in the admission essay that is enclosed with the application. Since the application essay is a major influencing factor, writing it well is a prerequisite, if you plan to get accepted.

Select an Essay Topic that can showcase your Suitability

It is in the best interest of the students to understand the purposes served by the application essays. This will help in writing a good application essay that will impress the admission committee members. Due to the sharp competition only about one tenth of the applicants get selected for prestigious colleges. Therefore the students must use the application essay to basically sell themselves to the selectors. It should just make the selector feel convinced that this student should be a part of the college or university. The essay must highlight the applicant’s special talents, character, achievements and the background that may help the committee to take a positive decision regarding the selection. Choosing a good topic that enables the student to highlight his/her suitability is therefore very important.

Practicing on Past Essay Questions

Applicants are given an essay question or a choice of questions as essay prompts in the application. Students need to use the essay prompt in such a way that it helps to showcase the talents and strengths of the applicant. Topics or questions set for College application essays changes annually and it is good to sharpen your application skills by practicing some of the past year essay prompts set by various universities. If you are in US and choosing to use Common Application process, then practice on the past essay questions set by Common Application. Here are some examples of past admission essay questions:

  1. “Please complete a one-page personal statement and submit it with your application.” (James Madison University)
  2. “How would you describe yourself as a human being? What quality do you like best in yourself and what do you like least? What quality would you most like to see flourish and which would you like to see wither?” (Bates College)
  3. Why is UVM a good college choice for you?” (University of Vermont)
  4. “Please tell us about your career goals and any plans you may have for graduate study.” (Westfield State College)
  5. “Do you believe there’s a generation gap? Describe the differences between your generation and others.” (Denison University)
  6. “Indicate a person who has had a significant influence on you, and describe that influence.” (Common Application)

Follow these Tips for Writing College Application Essays

  • Reading some college application essay examples prepares the student to write successful college application essays. These essays are written by writers who are experts at sample essay writing.
  • Some college application essays are called personal statements and have to be written in first person, using the term “I”.
  • Your positive traits that are relevant to the career and education choices should be presented without being arrogant.
  • Strict adherence to the instructions is very important.
  • Research and find information on the college and write the essay targeting the expectations of the college and the selection committee.
  • Do not send in the same essays, re-written essays and recycled essays to different college. Write a unique essay for each college you are applying.

Importance of the Application Essay justifies calling for Help

College admission is very competitive and most of the students applying for college get professional college essay writing help to submit a high caliber essay. Students that do not get any help are definitely at a disadvantage and have to face a stiff competition. Enlisting application essay help to compensate for poor essay writing skills is justifiable, considering the high stakes piled on this essay.

Following a Proper Essay Development Proces


Essay Development is More Useful than Free Writing in Producing Better Essays

A proper process of essay development should be followed by the students to produce a good essay with unity and coherence of the ideas. The process starts from receiving the assignment to submitting a well written essay. While majority choose to engage in a proper development process, the free writers skip this important part of the essay development. But bear in mind that only the very experienced writers can write a good essay without planning and developing the essay. Even they jot down an essay outline, to keep the central topic and key points in perception. The fact is that professional writers do not in fact skip the planning, but choose to do it in their mind instead on paper. Given their experience in writing so many essays, they can plan the process in their mind. So, the bottom line is that every good essay is a result of proper planning and development, whether you are a professional or an armature essay writer.

Most Important First Step, Selecting a Topic

The most important first step in essay development is selecting an interesting topic. The topic should be of interest to the writer and the readers as well. To select the best essay idea students should write all interesting essay topics that come to their minds in a list. They can be from their past experiences, the books they read, topics discussed in the class, topics they hear and see on news or anything they observe. The next step is to eliminate the topics and ideas that have lesser relevance, that are difficult to research, or at are less likely to generate any interest etc. From the remaining short list students must select the best topic.

Research is the Key to an Essay that gets best Grades

Having selected the topic for the essay, students will have to gather the content and evidence that is needed to support the key points in the essay. Development of the thesis for the essay also has to be done after researching about the topic. A well organized research can produce the evidences, arguments and data necessary for writing the essay. All the relevant content has to be collected and compiled systematically so that they can be used appropriately. The data needs to be analyzed to support the main points in the essay, or to develop the argument being made. Proper planning of an essay helps to group relevant and similar information under sub sections or paragraphs, so that the final essay have a smooth progression. It also helps avoid repetition.

Essay Outline: It’s Your Roadmap When writing the Essay

Ultimate aim of the first phase of developing an essay is writing down the outline for the essay. Students need to decide on the essay format they are going to use when writing the essay. High school students generally use the five paragraph essays and this format is adequate for most purposes in the high school assignments. However at degree level studies, you will need to use extended essay formats with introduction, conclusion and a number of separate body paragraphs to suit the word count and the scope of the essay.

Choice of Essay Style

Another important aspect of essay development is the choosing of an appropriate writing style or essay form. There are many different writing styles and each one differs in its suitability for the assignment and compatibility for the topic. For instance, an assignment may require the student to “analyze” or “evaluate” or “compare” and based on these directive words, the student must choose the essay form to be evaluation essay, an analysis essay or any other. Similarly, an essay topic as “Save Rain Forests, if You Want to Save the Earth” can best be written as a persuasive, opinion or argumentative essay.

Essay Help Improves the Standard and Quality of the Essay

Any student can produce a better essay if the get a little extra help. Essay help from a good essay writing company can help students to pass their assignments with better grades. Students can order sample essay papers, custom essays or get their work edited and proofread from a professional essay writing firm.