Writing Superb College Application Essays

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College Application Essays decide the Future of the Students

Talent to write good college application essays is a rare gift that only a few students are endowed with. Students graduated from the high school and completed their SAT, ACT or any other examination cited as a requirement for the college admission. Then, they need to send the applications to the colleges of their choice. Most of the times, a large number of students who are applying to colleges are having impressive academic reports. The point of differentiation is therefore in the admission essay that is enclosed with the application. Since the application essay is a major influencing factor, writing it well is a prerequisite, if you plan to get accepted.

Select an Essay Topic that can showcase your Suitability

It is in the best interest of the students to understand the purposes served by the application essays. This will help in writing a good application essay that will impress the admission committee members. Due to the sharp competition only about one tenth of the applicants get selected for prestigious colleges. Therefore the students must use the application essay to basically sell themselves to the selectors. It should just make the selector feel convinced that this student should be a part of the college or university. The essay must highlight the applicant’s special talents, character, achievements and the background that may help the committee to take a positive decision regarding the selection. Choosing a good topic that enables the student to highlight his/her suitability is therefore very important.

Practicing on Past Essay Questions

Applicants are given an essay question or a choice of questions as essay prompts in the application. Students need to use the essay prompt in such a way that it helps to showcase the talents and strengths of the applicant. Topics or questions set for College application essays changes annually and it is good to sharpen your application skills by practicing some of the past year essay prompts set by various universities. If you are in US and choosing to use Common Application process, then practice on the past essay questions set by Common Application. Here are some examples of past admission essay questions:

  1. “Please complete a one-page personal statement and submit it with your application.” (James Madison University)
  2. “How would you describe yourself as a human being? What quality do you like best in yourself and what do you like least? What quality would you most like to see flourish and which would you like to see wither?” (Bates College)
  3. Why is UVM a good college choice for you?” (University of Vermont)
  4. “Please tell us about your career goals and any plans you may have for graduate study.” (Westfield State College)
  5. “Do you believe there’s a generation gap? Describe the differences between your generation and others.” (Denison University)
  6. “Indicate a person who has had a significant influence on you, and describe that influence.” (Common Application)

Follow these Tips for Writing College Application Essays

  • Reading some college application essay examples prepares the student to write successful college application essays. These essays are written by writers who are experts at sample essay writing.
  • Some college application essays are called personal statements and have to be written in first person, using the term “I”.
  • Your positive traits that are relevant to the career and education choices should be presented without being arrogant.
  • Strict adherence to the instructions is very important.
  • Research and find information on the college and write the essay targeting the expectations of the college and the selection committee.
  • Do not send in the same essays, re-written essays and recycled essays to different college. Write a unique essay for each college you are applying.

Importance of the Application Essay justifies calling for Help

College admission is very competitive and most of the students applying for college get professional college essay writing help to submit a high caliber essay. Students that do not get any help are definitely at a disadvantage and have to face a stiff competition. Enlisting application essay help to compensate for poor essay writing skills is justifiable, considering the high stakes piled on this essay.