Following a Proper Essay Development Proces


Essay Development is More Useful than Free Writing in Producing Better Essays

A proper process of essay development should be followed by the students to produce a good essay with unity and coherence of the ideas. The process starts from receiving the assignment to submitting a well written essay. While majority choose to engage in a proper development process, the free writers skip this important part of the essay development. But bear in mind that only the very experienced writers can write a good essay without planning and developing the essay. Even they jot down an essay outline, to keep the central topic and key points in perception. The fact is that professional writers do not in fact skip the planning, but choose to do it in their mind instead on paper. Given their experience in writing so many essays, they can plan the process in their mind. So, the bottom line is that every good essay is a result of proper planning and development, whether you are a professional or an armature essay writer.

Most Important First Step, Selecting a Topic

The most important first step in essay development is selecting an interesting topic. The topic should be of interest to the writer and the readers as well. To select the best essay idea students should write all interesting essay topics that come to their minds in a list. They can be from their past experiences, the books they read, topics discussed in the class, topics they hear and see on news or anything they observe. The next step is to eliminate the topics and ideas that have lesser relevance, that are difficult to research, or at are less likely to generate any interest etc. From the remaining short list students must select the best topic.

Research is the Key to an Essay that gets best Grades

Having selected the topic for the essay, students will have to gather the content and evidence that is needed to support the key points in the essay. Development of the thesis for the essay also has to be done after researching about the topic. A well organized research can produce the evidences, arguments and data necessary for writing the essay. All the relevant content has to be collected and compiled systematically so that they can be used appropriately. The data needs to be analyzed to support the main points in the essay, or to develop the argument being made. Proper planning of an essay helps to group relevant and similar information under sub sections or paragraphs, so that the final essay have a smooth progression. It also helps avoid repetition.

Essay Outline: It’s Your Roadmap When writing the Essay

Ultimate aim of the first phase of developing an essay is writing down the outline for the essay. Students need to decide on the essay format they are going to use when writing the essay. High school students generally use the five paragraph essays and this format is adequate for most purposes in the high school assignments. However at degree level studies, you will need to use extended essay formats with introduction, conclusion and a number of separate body paragraphs to suit the word count and the scope of the essay.

Choice of Essay Style

Another important aspect of essay development is the choosing of an appropriate writing style or essay form. There are many different writing styles and each one differs in its suitability for the assignment and compatibility for the topic. For instance, an assignment may require the student to “analyze” or “evaluate” or “compare” and based on these directive words, the student must choose the essay form to be evaluation essay, an analysis essay or any other. Similarly, an essay topic as “Save Rain Forests, if You Want to Save the Earth” can best be written as a persuasive, opinion or argumentative essay.

Essay Help Improves the Standard and Quality of the Essay

Any student can produce a better essay if the get a little extra help. Essay help from a good essay writing company can help students to pass their assignments with better grades. Students can order sample essay papers, custom essays or get their work edited and proofread from a professional essay writing firm.