Breaking Out of the Myth of Essay writing for Dummies


“Essay writing for Dummies” is a wrong Nomenclature

“Essay Writing for Dummies” is a wrong and misleading nomenclature because essays are not written by dummies and dummies are never given assignments to write essays. Essay writing is a learning tool for the students to improve their writing skills. Students are trained to write essays with gradually increasing difficulty levels. If the students are given an assignment for writing an essay and they cannot write it there can be many reasons for that. For most of these reasons the time for correcting may have passed already. If any student feels that he/she is a dummy, the two nice story books “Up the Down Staircase” and “Freedom writers” will help to overcome that.

For writing a Good Essay Students shall leave the Dummy Mentality

Students shall leave the dummy mentality and follow good instructions and tips to catch up what has been lost during the past. Essay help and encouragement from a kind, understanding and wise teacher can be a very good motivation for any student to make up the lost time. Reading good samples of essay writing will also bring the students closer to the level of their peers. If the students are weak in a subject the techers are more responsible for it than the students. Reading Essay Writing for Dummies may help because there are many tips on essay writing in these articles and books.

Plan to Catch up with Others

Procrastination, failure to work according to a plan and a timetable and lack of interest are the factors that a student falls below their colleagues. If any student feels that they are below the level of his/her colleagues this has to be discussed with the teacher or the parents and help should be sought to correct the situation. The main resources in the damage control plan are the resolve to learn what has been missed, time, help and encouragement from teacher or parents. The plan should involve reading a lot and practice of essay writing.

A Long Term Plan will not help with Tomorrow’s Deadline

Tomorrow is the deadline for submitting the essay assignment. Nothing much has been done so far. All the plans and high theories of educational psychology are not going to help. Even the books or articles on Essay Writing for Dummies are of no use. The students have to be smart even if they may be weak in essay writing at the moment. The best option to avoid failing the subject is get essay help from a good essay writing company. Buying a custom essay will definitely enable you to get a good grade.

How Can Students Escape from Dummy Mentality?

There is a way out from the spiraling effect of procrastination and the unavoidable result of it, becoming a dummy. Students shall resolve to read one sample essay and write a short essay per day. Within a couple of weeks they also will be able to write good essays like other colleagues if not better essays. They can get essay help from a good writing service which provide sample essays, custom essays and overnight essays that can help students to improve their writing skills as well as facing serious deadline pressures.