Tips on Writing a Teenage Drinking Essay


Teenage Drinking Essay Helps Students learn Dangers of Adolescent Drinking

Teenage drinking Essay, in addition to developing language skills, also raise awareness among the students of the dangers in consuming alcohol especially by teenagers. When students get assignments for writing on drinking issues of adolescents, they can select an interesting and important aspect of teenage drinking. There are numerous social, health, economic and family problems caused by teenage drinking and it also leads to many more indirect problems as well. Although alcohol is a big monetary contributor to the economy by way of increasing trade, contributing to government taxes and providing jobs associated with this huge industry, it has many negative effects.

Minimum Legal Age Limits for Drinking

Teenage drinking essay should definitely examine the minimum legal age limits for drinking. A large majority of people agree that the teenage drinking has to be stopped, but there are arguments regarding the minimum age for drinking and the type of controls that should be brought in. Argumentative essay topics can be found from these areas of disagreement. Weak arguments highlighting very insignificant benefits of alcohol use are presented by vested interests. However there is no argument about the disastrous effects of teenage drinking. Most of the countries have legal minimum age limits for drinking while some countries do not have any limits for drinking alcohol. Whether these countries should also impose such limits can be the topic of an argumentative essay or a persuasive essay.

Interesting Topics for Teenage Drinking Essay

Many students wonder what type of topics is best suited for the teenage drinking essay. The type of the topic largely depend on the type of the essay student intends to write. Here are some appropriate topics.

• Parents and teachers have a great responsibility in stopping teenage drinking.
• While there are some who support lowering the minimum drinking age there is a vast majority that rejects the proposal.
• Teenage drinking leads to a significant number of drinking and driving instances resulting in fatal accidents.
• Teenage drinking paves the way to using of more dangerous drugs among the teenagers.
• Unwanted pregnancies among high school students have a strong correlation with drinking alcohol.

Teenage Drinking Essay Must Contain Accurate Information and Data

The data and information used for writing the teenage drinking essay have to be very accurate and credible, especially if the student writes an argumentative essay. The accuracy of statistics, information on legal status of drinking age in different states and the medical evidences are of very high importance. To ensure this, students should rely on authentic and respected sources such as government publications, and reliable web sources. The mentioning of the data sources is a must for the validity and recognition of the essay content.

Write a Marvelous Teenage Drinking Essay with Help from Professionals

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