Graduate Admission Essay: An All Important Essay


Why do the Graduate Schools Ask for a Graduate Admission Essay?

Graduate admission essay is a compulsory requirement in the admission process to any graduate school. Why do they ask the applicants to write essays for the admission? Every year graduate schools receive more applications than the number of places available. In popular graduate schools the ratio is more than five times the number of students that can be admitted. The schools have to select the most suitable students from these applicants. Then they have to reject the applicants not showing any possibility of being a worth addition to the student body.

Purpose of the Admission Essay

The admission committees receive hundreds of applications. They have lot of information on the applicant, like GPA, GMAT and GRE scores. But these are not much of a use as they are impersonal set of figures. But the graduate admission essay allows the committee members to gain a clearer picture of the candidate since it can give the personal details, experiences and the aspirations of the candidate. It is the student’s responsibility to take the maximum advantage from the opportunity of presenting themselves well in an admission essay. Aim should be to show why he/she is better than others for the admission to the program.

Topics for the Graduate Admission Essay

The graduate admission essay topic must be selected by the students as answers to the essay questions or prompts given by the university. Though some universities may use essay questions that are psychologically designed to extract information, many schools use essay questions based on a set of relevant topics. Some of these are:

• Career plans
• Academic interests
• Academic achievements
• Extra curricular activities like sports and social work
• Experience in research work
• Reasons for selecting the course of study or the graduate school
• Attitudes towards society, education and academia etc.

How to start Writing the Admission Essay

The first step in writing the essay is selecting a topic. Students will have to make a self assessment and decide on his best attributes that can be presented to the selection committee. As the student has to select the topic answering any given question student must select the most appropriate question that helps him/her to present the best picture. After section of the topic the student should make an outline of what he/she is going to write. There are many things that students have to follow in writing the graduate school essay. The word limits have to be strictly adhered to. Though the essay has to highlight the plus points of the student, it should not be a show off.

Submit the Best Possible Graduate Admission Essay

Students have to endeavor to submit the best possible essay they can submit, because this may be their last and only chance to make any influence on the outcome of the admission process. To enhance their chances they can get professional help in writing the admission essay. By choosing a well established essay writing service, students can get help with writing an outstanding graduate admission essay.