Writing a Pygmalion Essay

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Pygmalion Essay shall be as Interesting as the Play Itself

Students writing a serious Pygmalion essay shall consider reading Bernard Shaw’s Play, read other versions of the play and watch a notable film like “My Fair Lady”. “Pygmalion” was written by the famous Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw in 1912. Bernard Shaw has written more than 50 plays and “Pygmalion” is the most popular among them. The play was so popular that it was made in many productions and adapted to stage and films many times. There are many more productions and adaptations in other languages all over the world. Many other films and TV shows were based on this play. You will have to expect similar essays of this type ranging from the outsiders essay, my day out or Christmas carols essay which are all are based on various literacy works.

Topics for Pygmalion Essays

Originally, Pygmalion is a Story from Greek mythology, in which Pygmalion a Greek sculptor falls in love with a statue sculptured by him. Aphrodite the goddess of love gives life to the sculpture and he marries the statue that came to life. The name for the statue was Galatea. There are many stories, plays and films based on this story. Though the Pygmalion essaygiven for the English assignment in school usually expects students to write on George Bernard Shaw’s Play, the topics shall not be limited to Bernard Shaw’s play.

Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion

Usually, students are expected to write about Pygmalion by Bernard Shaw in their pygmalion essay. In the play the plot is about attempt of Professor of Phonetics, Henry Higgins to change the disheveled flower girl Eliza to pass for a lady from high society at a party by training her in the ways of high society the most important part of which is to speak the purest form of English. The parallel he draws from Pygmalion myth is the transformation which is the main theme of the play. The most popular and famous adaptation of the play, to film is My Fair Lady (1964). Students can write a comparison essay comparing the two.

Writing this essay needs a close viewing of the play and a proper understanding and interpretations of the messages being conveyed by the playwright. Students can apply all their literacy essay writing skills and ensure that appropriate quotes are included to reiterate various points being made in reference to the play. Furthermore, analyzing the characters and their portrayal of various human traits and behaviors is another important part to this type of essay writing. By watching an adaptation of the play with few friends, you may be able to gather varying interpretation of the same play. Similarly, you can also talk about how social strata and belonging to various social classes, the etiquettes of the upper echelon etc. are discussed in the essay.

Help with the Essay

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