Understanding the Requirements of a Racial Profiling Essay

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Racial Profiling Essay can be an Argumentative or a Persuasive Essay

Racial profiling essay can be written as argumentative essays or a persuasive essay. The Racism has been a controversial subject and there was a time that there were large groups supporting and opposing racism. With education and more and more people getting “civilized” due to the progressive ideas and civil rights laws the numbers supporting racism have come down over the past several decades. Though racial profiling is not a vast subject area, students can select a narrow aspect of this subject so that they can research and write an excellent racial profiling essay.

Discrimination and the Harm of Profiling Practices

Profiling is a technique used bylaw enforcement authorities in identifying criminals and would be criminals. Although there are different views on the accuracy, reliability and the harm it can cause to innocent people, this method is used by police in many countries allover the world. Profiling is based on identifying patterns in one type of crimes and generalizing the characteristics of criminals to that category of crimes.

For example if a series of robberies in one area were done by gangs wearing black leather jackets and riding trail bikes, making all bikers in black leather jackets suspects is profiling. If the police stops and checks all the bikers wearing black leather jackets, it become a nuisance to many innocents and the criminals can get away simply by changing their jackets and using some other form of conveyance.

Types of Racial Profiling

Racial profiling is using a profile where race or characteristics attributed to a race, for identifying suspects. This is mainly done on streets by police officers, in courts by lawyers, and now in airports by security officers at the airports. Racial profiling had been made legal even in US by “Jim Crow Laws” and some police officers act as if these laws are still valid. African Americans and Hispanics were the victims of discrimination by racial profiling until recently.

After the September 11th tragedy Moslems, especially the Arabs too are getting subjected to the discrimination by racial profiling. This happens mainly at airports. However, when writing the racial profiling essay students have to do their research very carefully, to get very accurate and credible information on this. Students should be careful to avoid controversial essay topics as much as possible.

Social Profiling Essay Topics

Students can select a good and debatable topic for the racial profiling essay. History of racial profiling, possible harm to the racial harmony in a multi-cultural society, threat to civil rights by racial profiling, analysis of scientific basis of racial profiling are some of the areas that the student can focus on when writing their racial profiling essay. They can use actual case studies to support their arguments but have to be extremely careful to use verifiable, credible and reliable information.

Writing a Racial Profiling Essay is not an Easy Task

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