Writing an Effective University Application Essay

by imsai8080.com

University Application Essay is a Vital part of the Admission Process

University application essay is a compulsory element in the admission process. The admission committees get an insight in to the personality, character, world outlook, opinions and the preferences of the applicants. This helps them select the required number of students from the large number that apply every year. Annually a large number of applications received by colleges and the universities for admissions are rejected as they receive a large number of applications that far exceed the number of available places in the college or university. Rejection rate at some prestigious and highly selective universities are higher than 85%.

Purposes of the University Application Essay

If the students understand the purposes served by the university application essay, it is easy for them to write a good college essays that would serve the key purpose. This is to convince the admission officers that they are worthy to be enrolled in to the college or university in question. The university expects to get information about the student’s qualities and the character etc. that cannot be extracted from the application. Therefore, the students get a chance to show their suitability to be selected, when they write a good application essay. Actually this is the only chance they get to present their differentiation from others to admission officers. For this reason the student shall exert their maximum efforts to write the application essay.

Select a Topic that can Serve your Purpose Well

Normally, Universities give some essay questions called essay prompts. Students need to select topics that answer the essay questions. Students must be smart enough to select the best topics that serve their purpose. The topics shall allow the student to highlight his good qualities, noteworthy achievements and future career ambitions etc. to their best advantage. For example if you are the captain of the High School team that won state championship, you can write your university application essay on the most memorable moment of your life, subtly emphasizing your leadership skills.

Plan the Essay before Starting to Write

It is necessary for the students to plan the essay if they are to write a good winning essay. A good outline based on the planned structure serves to express the ideas in a logical order and the essay will be coherent and understandable by the admission officers. For the application essay there is no accepted format or the type of the essay can be chosen by the student. But it is for the student’s benefit if the essay is written using an accepted writing style.

The students have to follow all the given guidelines to the letter. They should highlight all the good points about themselves, but not boast. The style shall not be arrogant. To get a proper idea of the writing style and content appropriate for this type of an essay, students can read through some admissions essay examples.

Submit the best Possible Essay to Secure your Place

If the students expect to be selected, they have to submit their best possible essay to beat the competition. If they think to improve the essay it is possible to get essay help from a good essay writing company. There are some well reputed companies that have helped the students to write excellent university application essays that secured admissions to the universities they liked to join. By seeking help from academic writing experts, students stand a good chance of submitting a high caliber application essay.