Winning a Science Essay Contest


Dupont Science Essay Contest is Held to Honor 1986 Challenger Crew

While there are many Science essay contests, this article enumerates on the Dupont Science Essay Contest which is one of the most popular contents among students. Every year more than 10,000 students participate in Dupont Science Essay Contest, held in honor of the crew of ill-fated 1986 mission of Challenger space shuttle. The winners receive monetary awards in the form of US Savings Bonds and Expense-paid trip to Kennedy Space Center and Walt Disney World Resort with a parent. The contest is Organized by Dupont and co-sponsored by NASA, National Science Teachers Association, and Walt Disney World Resort. The essay contest is held for junior and senior divisions and winners of both divisions will receive awards.

Be Aware of all the Contest Rules

Dupont Science Essay Contestis one of the essay contests for high school students and students shall be below 13 years of age on 31st December 2010, attending in the United States, Canada, or their territories and enrolled in grade 7 to 12. Students below 12 years also can send in entries can make special submissions under a different application form obtained from Dupont. The essay must be written on a science related topic. Essays are judged on Mechanics & Conventions (25%), Ideas & Content (25%) Organization (20%) Style & Creativity (20%) and Voice (10%). So students have to be well aware of what is important.

Awards to the Winners

Winners of each division of the Science Essay Contest will receive US Dollars 5,000 each, second place winners US Dollars 3,000 and third place winners US Dollars 2,000. The money will be paid in US Savings Bonds. In addition to these there are US Dollars 200 awards to the honorable mentions in each category. The Winners of first three places in both divisions will receive an expense paid trip to Kennedy Space Center and to Disney World.

Follow the Essay Rules in Selecting Essay Topics and Writing the Essay

The topic for the essay must be science related and the essays on non-science topics are rejected. The length of the essay has to be between 700 to 1000 words and the word count must be mentioned at the end. Due credit should be given to other’s the ideas and quotations in the body of the essay without using footnotes. Bibliography of source material must be given as per MLA format. Diagrams, graphics and illustrations should not be used.
The essay written for an essay writing contest should not be like a report. There is a big difference in an essay and a report. Report can give all the information on a topic. But an essay gives a lot more. In addition to information the essay shows the enthusiasm of the writer and intellectual involvement with that subject. Writer’s personality can be seen from the style and content of the essay. The organizers of the essay contest require essays showing the enthusiasm and the involvement of the students.

Win the Essay Contest with Help from Experts

Organizers have recommended help from teachers. But it may be hard to get the teachers’ help for many reasons. In such situations, students can seek help from a professional essay writing service. The help may range from tips on essay writing to a custom essay example.

Taking Part in Voice of Democracy Essay Contest


Win Your Scholarship from Voice of Democracy Essay Contest

Voice of Democracy Essay Contest was started in 1947 and is sponsored by Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW). This is an audio essay contest held annually. This is one of the most popular essay contests for high school students open to students in grades 9-12. The national winner is awarded a scholarship worth US$ 30,000 to meet the expenses to pursue further education at an American university, college or a vocational/technical school. All state first place winners also get an award. There are other awards ranging from US$ 1,000 to US$ 16,000. Total value of the scholarships is more than US$ 2.5 million. Every year, more than 50,000 entries from students in high schools are received.

Eligibility Criteria and Essay Rules

Applicants for the Voice of Democracy Essay Contest have to be below 20 years of age and studying in grades 9-12. Previous years’ first place state winners also are not eligible to apply. The closing date for the entries for 2010/2011 contest is 2010-11-01. The neatly typed essay has to be submitted along with the speech recorded in an audio CD. Recording should be done in the applicant’s own voice. Total length of the recording should be 3-5 minutes. Music, singing, poetry or sound effects are not allowed in the recording.

Topic for the Essay

Every year a different topic is given for the Voice of Democracy Essay Contest. This year’s topic is “Does My Generation Have a Role in America’s Future?”. The student can use their imagination and creativity to select an essay idea which should fall under this topic because the given topic is too broad. The student shall crate a suitable and attention grabbing sub title to show what he/she is writing in the essay about, keeping the topic as the main heading.

What is the Purpose of an Audio Essay

Audio essay is not for reading but for listening. Still a neatly typed draft has to be submitted with the CD for entering the contest. The audio essay has become more powerful literary form today because of the possibility of delivering it through the internet as a podcast which can reach a target group more conveniently thorough internet. It is not necessary to follow any writing style and essay format, but has to follow a logical order in presenting.

Criteria for Judging the Audio Essays

The rules for the Voice of Democracy Essay Contest state the judging criteria as follows.

• originality 30
• content 35
• delivery 35
As the students can see the delivery of the speech also is given high prominence allocating 35 points out of 100. Students shall consider getting some voice training and learn the finer points in public speaking. But the draft is more important and is deciding the total marks. Therefore the draft must be full of valuable original content. If the students are seriously interested in submitting a winning audio essay they can get the help from a good essay writing company to prepare the draft for the audio essay.

What Role can an Online Essay Writer Play?


Getting an Online Essay Writer to Help you is a Wise Decision

Online Essay Writer is the best way to get a good grade in your essay writing assignment. When an assignment is given majority of students get uneasy as they do not have confidence to write an essay that could get them a passing grade. Sometimes their fear may be justified. But the anxiety may be a hindrance for writing a good essay too. Therefore, the first task for the students is fighting and overcoming the anxiety. One best way to overcome the anxiety by improving their writing skills and expanding their knowledge on the subject is getting help from an expert.

Sources of Essay Help

It is true that many students need help to write a good essay. The best and most appropriate help should come from their teachers. Yet there are many students seeking help from others due to many problems like busy teachers who do not have to give a little extra help or teachers who think that helping students is not appropriate. There may be many more reasons why student need outside help. But it is a fact that students need help to write good essays. One of the methods if not the best is to get help from an online essay writer.

How to Find an Online Essay Writer

There are many ways to find an online essay writer. The most popular and the best way is to get essay help from a good essay writing company. The essay writing companies offer help in selecting an essay topic to editing and proofreading an essay. Students can order customized essays too. When a student orders a custom essay an experienced writer who is an expert in the subject is assigned for writing. Good essay writing companies have their message boards through which customer contact the writer.and can pass instructions get the finished parts for approval etc.

Check These Points When Looking for an Online Essay Writer

Though there are other methods for enlisting help from a freelance online essay writer. the best method to find one is to get help from an essay writing company. The risks involved in getting a freelance writer are many. If the essay is not delivered in time the student will not be able to submit the essay in time resulting in valuable points towards the grades. With a company they can arrange an alternative writer if the assigned writer could not deliver the essay in time for some reason or other.

The Best Essay Writing Service

Many students wonder which is the best essay writing service out of all essay writing services available online. It is important that students invest some time in to selecting a reputed company with qualified writers. The website infrastructure too is important as students should be facilitated with collaboration with writer as well as information sharing.

Refer to an Essay Writing Guide to Master the Essay Writing Skills


5 Paragraph Essay Organizer Helps Teachers and Students

Students use the 5 paragraph essay organizer for writing their essays while the teachers use them for teaching essay writing to their students. There are many types of essay organizers. As the five paragraph essay has become the standard for high school essays, many good and eye-catching graphic essay organizers have been developed for helping students to write their essays. Students can download a suitable essay organizer free of charge from one of many websites offering them free. The main advantage of using an organizer is minimizing the possibility of any omissions of important elements of the essay.

5 Paragraph Graphic Essay Organizers

5 Paragraph graphic essay organizer is a special type of 5 paragraph essay organizer. A graphic organizer is designed with graphically created blocks in which the students can fill in the items stated in the blocks. This automatically completes the essay and makes it easy for the students to remember the items under each paragraph and the order in which they should be presented. The graphic essay organizers are very useful in teaching essay writing to students in middle high school, from 4th grade to 8th grade.

What Can ad what Cannot an Organizer do?

Obviously, a 5 paragraph essay organizer cannot make a student a master essay writer. But it helps the students to write a well planned, well organized and logically sequenced essay. The essay organizer is a template for the essay outline. Once the blanks are filled students get perfect essay outlines that can be used to write an excellent essay fitting the standard 5 paragraph essay format. Therefore, the students have to know that an essay organizer is merely a tool that helps the students write the essay in the logical sequence and follow the standard format.

Components in the Essay Organizer

The five part essay organizer shall have separate blocks for each part that can be separately identified. The first block that appears at the head shall have the essay title. Then the block for the first paragraph shall be there and it should have blanks for writing briefly, the three ideas for three body paragraphs and the thesis statement. The three blocks that follow shall have blanks for the brief summary of the three main ideas or evidences to be written in that paragraph. The last paragraph contains the essay conclusion. This essentially must contain blanks for the thesis statement, summing up the three main points and the student’s opinion on the topic.

Other Types of Essay Help

Essay organizer is only one of the many tools and a way of help. But majority of students at some stage find that they need extra help for finishing their essay and need advice. In such situations, students can get essay help from a professional essay writing company that can provide outstanding support. With such help, submitting an excellent essay to get a good grade will be a reality for many students.

Relying on an Essay Writing Guide


Refer to an Essay Writing Guide to Master the Essay Writing Skills

An essay writing guide is a very useful tool for the students until they acquire the mastery of essay writing. There are many essay writing guides available in the internet for free downloading. They offer valuable tips on essay writing. Some excellent books offering advice on essay writing have been written by the masters of the craft of essay writing. But when buying or getting free, students should look for the author’s credentials also. Read reviews and get the opinions from your teachers and colleagues in deciding to use a guide.

Select a Good Essay Writing Guide

There are various essay writing guide books on market written for different target groups. The majority of those books concentrate on writing essays for high school students. But from the vast number of books available for sale how can a student select a good guide. First of all students have to assess their present level of knowledge in the language and the writing. Knowing grammar and writing an essay paper are two different things. But knowing the correct grammar is pre-requisite to writing. If the student is weak in his grammar knowledge he/she can choose a guide that has some tips to improve grammar too.

What you Should look for in an Essay Writing Guide

An Essay is not a collection of words, sentences or ideas. Writing an essay has some purpose. Type of the essay, its tone, the use of words, phrases and sentences are selected and presented in a logical order to match for the intended purpose. A good essay writing guide has to offer advice on these matters also. There would probably be good essay examples will be included. Your essay writing guide is complete if it advices on the type of essay to be selected for the purpose at hand. The essay writing guide shall explain all the steps needed in writing an essay including overcoming writer’s block.

Different Steps in Writing an Essay

The different steps in writing an essay are understanding the purpose, selection of a topic, creating a thesis, writing a thesis statement, collection of facts, data and information by doing research, writing the essay and editing it. The guide book has to explain how to carry out each of these tasks with examples in clear language. In most of these cases examples for the work to be conducted are very useful. Simple exercises to develop the skills of the student are good for a book on essay writing. But, in a guide book exercises are not included normally.

Essay Writing Guide Books are Only one Type of Help

Student may need help in writing their essays. Whenever they need a help they can get it from the teachers, parents or colleagues. They can refer to an essay writing guide book or online guide. Essay writing guide is only one type of help available. But the best help to get a student out of a difficult situation is professional help from a good essay writing company. With a reputable essay writing service, you can receive advice, suggestions, examples and custom written work that can truly be useful in completing your assignments to perfection. ec��� a��

Writing a Pygmalion Essay


Pygmalion Essay shall be as Interesting as the Play Itself

Students writing a serious Pygmalion essay shall consider reading Bernard Shaw’s Play, read other versions of the play and watch a notable film like “My Fair Lady”. “Pygmalion” was written by the famous Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw in 1912. Bernard Shaw has written more than 50 plays and “Pygmalion” is the most popular among them. The play was so popular that it was made in many productions and adapted to stage and films many times. There are many more productions and adaptations in other languages all over the world. Many other films and TV shows were based on this play. You will have to expect similar essays of this type ranging from the outsiders essay, my day out or Christmas carols essay which are all are based on various literacy works.

Topics for Pygmalion Essays

Originally, Pygmalion is a Story from Greek mythology, in which Pygmalion a Greek sculptor falls in love with a statue sculptured by him. Aphrodite the goddess of love gives life to the sculpture and he marries the statue that came to life. The name for the statue was Galatea. There are many stories, plays and films based on this story. Though the Pygmalion essaygiven for the English assignment in school usually expects students to write on George Bernard Shaw’s Play, the topics shall not be limited to Bernard Shaw’s play.

Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion

Usually, students are expected to write about Pygmalion by Bernard Shaw in their pygmalion essay. In the play the plot is about attempt of Professor of Phonetics, Henry Higgins to change the disheveled flower girl Eliza to pass for a lady from high society at a party by training her in the ways of high society the most important part of which is to speak the purest form of English. The parallel he draws from Pygmalion myth is the transformation which is the main theme of the play. The most popular and famous adaptation of the play, to film is My Fair Lady (1964). Students can write a comparison essay comparing the two.

Writing this essay needs a close viewing of the play and a proper understanding and interpretations of the messages being conveyed by the playwright. Students can apply all their literacy essay writing skills and ensure that appropriate quotes are included to reiterate various points being made in reference to the play. Furthermore, analyzing the characters and their portrayal of various human traits and behaviors is another important part to this type of essay writing. By watching an adaptation of the play with few friends, you may be able to gather varying interpretation of the same play. Similarly, you can also talk about how social strata and belonging to various social classes, the etiquettes of the upper echelon etc. are discussed in the essay.

Help with the Essay

Some students find writing of literacy essays a rather cumbersome and difficult task. If this is the case, seek help from a reputed essay writing service. There are writing services that helps students from topic selection to final essay editing. If you are pressed for time, then too, it is a good option to seek essay writing help. ���{��

Graduate Admission Essay: An All Important Essay


Why do the Graduate Schools Ask for a Graduate Admission Essay?

Graduate admission essay is a compulsory requirement in the admission process to any graduate school. Why do they ask the applicants to write essays for the admission? Every year graduate schools receive more applications than the number of places available. In popular graduate schools the ratio is more than five times the number of students that can be admitted. The schools have to select the most suitable students from these applicants. Then they have to reject the applicants not showing any possibility of being a worth addition to the student body.

Purpose of the Admission Essay

The admission committees receive hundreds of applications. They have lot of information on the applicant, like GPA, GMAT and GRE scores. But these are not much of a use as they are impersonal set of figures. But the graduate admission essay allows the committee members to gain a clearer picture of the candidate since it can give the personal details, experiences and the aspirations of the candidate. It is the student’s responsibility to take the maximum advantage from the opportunity of presenting themselves well in an admission essay. Aim should be to show why he/she is better than others for the admission to the program.

Topics for the Graduate Admission Essay

The graduate admission essay topic must be selected by the students as answers to the essay questions or prompts given by the university. Though some universities may use essay questions that are psychologically designed to extract information, many schools use essay questions based on a set of relevant topics. Some of these are:

• Career plans
• Academic interests
• Academic achievements
• Extra curricular activities like sports and social work
• Experience in research work
• Reasons for selecting the course of study or the graduate school
• Attitudes towards society, education and academia etc.

How to start Writing the Admission Essay

The first step in writing the essay is selecting a topic. Students will have to make a self assessment and decide on his best attributes that can be presented to the selection committee. As the student has to select the topic answering any given question student must select the most appropriate question that helps him/her to present the best picture. After section of the topic the student should make an outline of what he/she is going to write. There are many things that students have to follow in writing the graduate school essay. The word limits have to be strictly adhered to. Though the essay has to highlight the plus points of the student, it should not be a show off.

Submit the Best Possible Graduate Admission Essay

Students have to endeavor to submit the best possible essay they can submit, because this may be their last and only chance to make any influence on the outcome of the admission process. To enhance their chances they can get professional help in writing the admission essay. By choosing a well established essay writing service, students can get help with writing an outstanding graduate admission essay.

Writing Simple yet Impressive French Essays


Writing French Essays is not a Mission Impossible

French Essays are very important part in the coursework given to students studying French language. French language is one of the most popular second languages studied in the English speaking world. One hundred and thirty million people allover the world speaks French and French language has given official status in forty countries. The study of French language has many of its own benefits. Study of rich culture, literature, scientific research and travel in France and other French speaking countries are made easy if one learns the French language. Writing French essays is a vital part of any French study course.

Is there any Difference in Writing English Essays and French Essays?

There cannot be any difference in the way of writing English essays and French Essays. But the students must know how to use the correct phrases, sentence patterns, appropriate words and use correct grammar. The main purpose of writing the French essay is to complete the coursework and get the passing score from the student’s point of view. Developing the language skills in French and mastery in essay writing are the expected learning outcomes in writing French Essays. Essays written by students as coursework or at exams help teachers and examiners to assess the level of student’s knowledge and understanding in French language.

Selection of Topics for French Essays

In selecting a topic for writing a French essay students have many options. But if French is not student’s mother tongue, writing argumentative essays may be a lot more difficult than writing expository essays. Therefore it is of the best interests of the student to select an easier type of essay, if the type is not specified in the course work or in the exam question. There has to be a reason for electing to study French for any student. This interest maybe linked to personal or career goals. If the student is interested in a field like Travel, Tourism or hospitality it is appropriate to select some topic like French cuisine, a tourist destination in France, or French Museums etc.

Format for the French Essay

The old friendly five paragraph essay format is suitable for writing simple French Essays. In the five paragraph format the first paragraph is the introduction paragraph. The introduction can give background information on the topic to familiarize the reader. And it can state what is written in the essay. The introduction shall end with the thesis statement. The each of the three body paragraphs shall devote to presenting one point or one argument. The fifth or final paragraph shall sum up the arguments and restate the thesis as the conclusion.

Getting Help to Write the French Essay

It may be necessary for students studying the French language to get some help to write the French essay. As it is not possible to get help in most cases, students may seek help from a professional writing service offering help for French essays. By selecting an excellent custom essay writing firm, students can assign to a gifted writer the task, depending on their overall knwolesge of the subject and the topic. Your order for French essay also will be assigned to a writer who can write an outstanding French essay.

Writing an Impressive Grad School Admission Essay


Grad School Admission Essay can Decide the Course of Your Life

Grad School Admission Essay can be a deciding factor in your life. In prestigious and highly selective graduate schools offering degrees in various disciplines, the acceptance rates can be as low as 15 percent. The stiff competition means most of the students hoping to earn a higher degree cannot enter the grad school of their choice and have to be content with a degree from a lower ranking institution or drop the idea of a Master’s or a Doctorate. Not having a second degree hinders the career prospects for any ambitious young person. As the admission essay is a crucial factor in the admission process to the grad school it is a powerful deciding factor in your life.

Purpose of Grad School Admission Essay

For the graduate schools, grad school admission essay is a tool that helps them to select the required number of students out of the many applications received. The selection committees judge the student’s character, talents, personality traits, preferences and opinions on tolerance, culture, education etc. through the content presented in this essay. For the students this may be an opportunity to present their best face to the selection committee. Your chance of getting selected from among many applicants lie, most definitely in the way you present yourself in the graduate school essay.

Select a Topic that Helps to Boost Your Image

The usual practice in many graduate schools is to give a list of essay prompts from which students select one prompt to answer. The students have to make a self assessment before selecting the essay prompt and selecting a good topic. By making an assessment, students can decide on the best picture that they can show to the committee. They will find the attributes that are relevant to the program and can be best showcased. If you are applying to a Business School why don’t you write about the success of the fund raising campaign you organized as the president of the Youth Club?

Writing a Good Grad School Admission Essay

To write a good Grad School Admission Essay students have to know what to write as well as what not to write.

Write about:
• Incidents and events that show your good character traits relevant to the program and helpful to continue and complete your degree program.
• The successes you have achieved in education, sports or social life.
• Your leadership, competitiveness, kindness and courage.

• Controversial issues: Your aim in writing the essay is to get admission to the grad school.
• Writing about you directly: Use an event or a story that can highlight your suitability in a subtle way.
• Political and religious topics: These are very sensitive subjects for many people. You may offend the feelings of a member of the committee unintentionally.

Get Help to Submit the Best Possible Grad School Essay

Grad school essay is so important that student shall put forth all their efforts to submit the best possible admission essay. Getting help from knowledgeable persons will enhance the quality of the essay and your chances of selection. Best help that is readily available is from professional essay writers. Select a good essay writing company that can help you write an excellent grad school admission essay and get you admitted to the Grad schools of your choice. s������

John Proctor Essay shall Examine the Character, John Proctor in the Play


Casablanca Essay can be Written on the Entire Plot or on Specific Characters

Casablanca essay offers the students a variety of topics to explore as the film is rich in themes and contains outstanding performances by the cast. The film is recognized for its superb direction too. The film received eight nominations and three awards for the best picture, best direction, and best screenplay at the 16th academy awards, which goes to show the stature of this film. Its, characters, dialogues and music has become all time favorites and the film is considered one of the greatest films ever produced. The students can select a good topic from any of the interesting essay topics that explore themes, characters, performance, direction and plot or any other aspect of the film.

The Plot of the Film

The film was set in the Moroccan city of Casablanca during the World War II. The main character Rick Blaine is politically neutral nightclub owner operating an up market nightclub in Casablanca. He decides to help his ex-lover Ilsa and her husband Victor Laszlo, a Czech Resistance leader to escape to America. With many incidents and sub plots running, Ilsa and Laszlo escape with Rick’s help and Rick and his adversary Police Captain Renault become friends and join the Free French. Students can write about this plot with their own interpretations as well as citing of other critic’s opinions to produce an outstanding Casablanca essay.

Themes of the Film

There are many themes in the film. Main theme is the Sacrifice of the main character Rick Blaine. He, instead of keeping the woman he loves with him helps her and her husband to escape because he respects Laszlo and loves Ilsa. Second is Rick’s transformation from politically neutral stand to anti-Nazi stand. Students can examine the real reasons behind this. Loyalties and how the opportunists change the loyalties can be discussed citing Renault’s behavior. The power of love to change the attitudes of a person can be seen from Rick’s transformation. Students must learn to delve out such interesting aspects to discuss if they are interested in writing good college essays, whether it is on the movie Casablanca or on any other creative or literacy work.

Characters Analysis

Students can write character analysis essays analyzing the characters in the film. In the beginning of the film Rick Blaine is a neutral person and he does not seek anything, hence not a hero. But hearing from Ilsa, the story of Laszlo’s escape from concentration camp his attitudes change. Victor Laszlo is a leader of Czech resistance and fights the Nazis qualifying him to be a hero. Ilsa wants to stay behind with Rick and wants to send Laszlo alone. Rick gives her the impression that she can stay with him until the last moment. These are very powerful portrayals of the characters that can be used by the students.

Writing an Excellent Casablanca Essay with Essay Help

Writing assignments such as Casablanca essaymay be a difficult task for many students. Students should not allow this difficulty to be an obstacle on their way to the graduation. They can always seek help from a good essay writing company that can help the students to write their essays to get best grades.